Friday 29 June

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Good morning! Two days left to go!

We'll jump right in with today's Q&A

Q: Why can't the Otters and Casas fly at the same time?
A: I'm not sure. It's a Spanish Air Force thing.

Q: Are you still delivering email to competitors?
A: No; send that to but send your love and affection to me at ;-)

Q: Are you going to post more videos?
A: Only if everyone is visiting our sponsors ;-)

Q: Are you producing a video of the competition?
A: No, we do not have any rights to the video footage.

#&*^#($@&%#* computer! Do what I want, not what I tell you! Sorry, I just spent ten minutes writing about the beauty of CF sequential, then lost it when I knocked the mouse of the table reaching for my coffee. Okay, the short version: It's really cool to watch, and I bet it's a lot harder than it looks. Round seven up: France looks good and turns in a 10. USA: Did I say how good their camera work is? CF Sequential is such a pleasure to watch now that they use air-to-air video (instead of ground-to-air telemeters). A 10 for USA! They have a two point lead with one jump left to go.

8-Way FS round 8 in progress...I just posted a bunch of Accuracy scores....


Over in Women's Freestyle, which just completed, Italy's Stefania Martinengo turned in a 9.3 to France's Emmanuelle Celicout 9.0 on the final jump to overtake her and win the gold by 0.1 points! Congratulations Stefania, what a way to finish!

A couple of readers ask, is it possible to put a CF jump on the web? The answer is no, because a CF sequential jump lasts two minutes, and that is too large a file for me to deal with. Sorry! Maybe someday when there is enough bandwidth...

My apologies, I put the wrong email address to send mail to teams, it is

Holy inbox, mailman! The masses of adoring OmniFans are pleading for more videos! I'll do my best, folks. Due to the setup here, it may not be possible to get any of the 3D events, so it's FS for now. But I will try!

Round 8 of 8-way finishing up shortly...meanwhile, here's another one fer ya: video_ned8_r8.avi. Fresh Freefly results just posted too.

Style & Accuracy photos!
Here's your male tush, ladies! In accuracy, it's called the "second point of contact." That's Cheryl Stearns below right, mentally prepping her style set.
Photos by Gloria Caraballo-Leach

And we have the rest of 8-way round 8! France just did a 18, they chose to make the long move back to the old bone, pretty slick move too. Russia: Good jump, a 22. Here we go, USA. What a slick exit, those tees out the door, it's a good jump but a glitch closing a sidebody donut costs them time, and they get a 21. A three point lead for USA with two jumps left!

Goshdarnit, right when Russia's round 8 video was almost uploaded, the power went out in the building and killed my network connection. Not to worry, I snuck USA's round 8 up first, so ya'll enjoy.

Right: A Teddy Bear dangles above Alexander and his better half.

Below: People get on the internet right outside our DZTV room, mostly to surf and see what's REALLY going on.

Photo by Ken Hansen
Photo by Ken Hansen

When it rains, it pours! I give to you some more Style & Accuracy bits and video of USA Freefly Team 2 round 6!

I've got four spreadsheets, Photoshop, Premiere, FrontPage, WS_FTP, OmniView, and Pegview all open on the Sony laptop, and there's smoke coming out it's ports ;-)

The 4-way in team in blue is Croatia.

Photos by Ken Hansen.

Ken's got another shot of the Norway girls if there are any requests!

Nothing got posted for a while because the electricity was out; we've got everything up and running again. I would say thank you for your patience, but the inbox is flooded with "WHAT'S THE *#^&@ IS GOING ON?!?!?!" messages. I love it ;-)

So WHAAASSUUUUP? 8-Way round 9 and Skysurf; Freefly is finished but won't be judged for a while.

All you folks who wrote in about the Freefly video link not working, let me know if it works now. I think it just wasn't finished uploading when people were hitting on it. Serves me right for publishing the link before the video!

I will post information about tomorrows schedule as soon as it becomes available.

Only 13 requests for another Norway girls photo? I guess that's enough. Here you go, photo by Ken Hansen:

There, that should pacify them for a while. We got 8-way round nine finishing up, so let's see what's going to happen...France first, a super jump for an 18, some really sweet skydiving and video work there...I might be able to get than one on the 'net's getting down to crunch time here NEWS FLASH Eric Fradet has just won the Skysurf title for France, congratulations Eric, one of skydiving's greatest all time competitors has just added another gold medal to his mantle! USA 8 is up now, they dHello Flavia!on't look like they are going very fast, but it is nice and smooth for a Russia...same speed, same score, a 19, and USA hangs on to a three point lead with one jump left!

Terrific, I start to upload another video clip, and the power goes out again ;-\....

1620 We have just started round 8 of 4-way, and they are judging the final round of Freefly. It's just mind-boggling what these guys are doing these days. USA1/Omar & Company -- wait --  NEWS FLASH  -- USA1 & USA2 have just finished 1st and 2nd in the Freefly competition with France in 3rd! Congratulations all! A fabulous Freefly competition it was, and Boel is busy writing some bits about it right now. Meanwhile the girls are doing round 9, the USA and UK both have nice 16s on the board. Sweden gets a 15, and USA is creeping up on them -- two down with two to go!

Some more pictures from the camera of Ken Hansen, who is saving me a lot of trips to the washroom ;-)

I had Slovenia as withdrawn from the competition, but they are not, they did not jump rounds 6 and 7 and took zeros...---  NEWS FLASH   --- congratulations to Nils and Martin, the newest world champions of Men's Freestyle! Read the update in Boel's Bits.

It's seventeen hundred o'clock all of a sudden and so much has happened in the last few hours. I'm tired, hungry, and desperate for a tall cold beer. Question from a reader: Can I get a high-resolution copy a team photo? A: Yes, but not until I get home to Arizona with my high-bandwidth connection. Send me a request at with the team details in the subject line. The original photos are 1500 X 1000 pixels or larger, around 700 k each.

<burp> thank you all for the virtual beers, I look forward to a real one shortly...the finish of FS4 round 9 is coming up, and this looks like a mid-20's kind of jump to me...ah, the Norgies are up, one of my favorites, a nice jump but they tripped on a hook build and their 22 is just out of time, it's a 21...kudos to Italy for ripping a 19 a little while ago, a very nice skydive...USA now...cruising, good jump, a France, they match them with their own 23 WHEW I can hardly type this late in the game...USA is up by six with two rounds left.

Forgive me for not replying to all the email, the inbox is exploding with requests for videos of this team and that team and of course many more shouts for the Norway girls, but come on guys lets give it a rest and get something for the ladies at home, okay? And yes I'm still working on photos of the judges, they disappear and reappear like magic when the whistle blows.

And now the ladies are finishing up round 9, and I say that UK camera flyer should give clinic on shooting team video. A 13. Now Norway, a 13 also. Can any of the ladies get past that 13 barrier? Let's see...USA now...they really struggle with the cat > cat out the door, and they do a 13 as well...Sweden, they have some trouble with a snowflake > offset and get a 12. Now it's a one point lead for the girls from Sweden, oh my!

I now have for you 8-way FS France round 9: video_fra8_r9.avi

Wow - I missed one! ---  NEWS FLASH   --- congratulations to Tanya and Craig for their repeat championship in Women Skysurf! All of the 3D events are completed.

A short time later they called it a day and released all competitors, so we are done for the day. But wait - an attempt on the Fun Flag has taken place! Story coming up!

But first, a special treat for you Freefly junkies. This is Arizona Freeflight's round 2, which they considered one of their best jumps. It's very cool: video_usa_ff2_r2.avi (4 MB and some change).

The Canadians Attempt to Retake the Fun Flag (as told to Tim by Neal Houston)

As I was working away on the computer early this afternoon, I heard a ruckus outside the window, quickly followed by shouts and the sounds of pursuit. A group of Canadians, in an apparently carefully coordinated effort, went into the Airspeed room upstairs (on the third floor) and said they wanted to buy something (Airspeed has all kinds of stuff for sale up there). Sitting in the corner was the Fun Flag. One of the Canadians dove for it and tossed it out the open window towards a waiting receiver, but their plot was foiled when the flag landed on top of one of the dubbing rooms, giving the USA guys enough time to wrestle it away. Another tiny bit of history to go along with a little raggedy flag.

Okay then. I think that's it. Are we done? No more pictures of the Norway girls? No more videos? Can I go have a beer now? Oh, thank you thank you goodnight...

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