S&A Bits - Friday 29 June

Last updated 05 Feb 2012 15:17 GMT

Style and Accuracy Bits - Thursday 29 June

During practice and at the start of competition for style and accuracy, as each jumper exited we could watch a little puff of dust blow off during exit. This was from the extremely dusty conditions in the accuracy packing area. More carpeting has been supplied to the packing area and the dust clouds are diminished now.

Style and accuracy competitors ride a bus from the target area to the aircraft loading area. The ride takes only a few minutes. Style competitors also get a longer bus ride back from the golf course where they land. All of the style and accuracy competition has been run from Casa aircraft using an exit from the left door rather than the tailgate.

Cheryl Whitford

[ed: Cheryl, when I said we wanted dirt, I didn't mean exit dust! ;-) ]