Saturday 30 June

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The final day is at hand. Today, World Champions will be crowned. Dreams will be realized for some; hearts will hang heavy for others. Many a hair will turn gray as the hearts pound, the palms sweat, the breathing stops, and the clock winds down to the final seconds of working time on the last jump. The hangar will erupt in cheers and the Champagne -- and not a few tears -- will flow. It will truly be a sight to behold. Who will come away champions on this magic day? Stay right here my friends, hold my cyber hand, and I will try to make you feel like you are here.

But first, I've been trying *REALLY* hard to get all the Style & Accuracy results posted, but at this point I am going to officially punt the ball on it. The accuracy results handed to me this morning are in standings order, and I fat-fingered everything yesterday morning in  team number order.  Until we get a standard electronic system going for S&A results I'm not going to be able to post them. Sorry. I'll try to post some style scores though, at least I can get those in a text file.

I hear CF planes taking off, so we have some action coming soon....


Yes, I am just a bit biased for my favorite CF team! ;-)

To the best of my knowledge (and I claim to know as much about CF as a turtle does about running marathons) the USA has never won a gold medal in CF Sequential. This US team has been working so hard for so many years, and now they are one good jump away from history. Can they hang on and do it? We will know in a few minutes...

MEANWHILE....FS 4 round nine is airborne...


The USA Sequential team has just won their first gold medal JUST by the skin of their teeth! They finished tied in points with France but win on the highest-round tie breaker (their 12 points in round 4). Wow! Congratulations USA Sequential!

In 4-way FS, round nine completed in a flash, and France has gained 3 points with a beautiful jump and now the USA lead is cut in half!

Next up, FS4 Women final round. WHOA the UK ladies just did a 21, and Norway JUST missed a 23, they get 22. USA is up next...a 24! Great jump girls! The Swedes must do a 24 to win...I can hear the crowd erupting in cheers from the hangar across the way, that sure was a great round 10 effort by Sweden..they are not as fast, a 21 and


the USA women have stormed from behind to win the gold! Wow!  What an amazing comeback! They weren't even in the medal standings after the first few rounds. Somebody's going to be partying tonight!

The pictures tell the whole story.

Photos by Ken Hansen.

The FS 4 round ten is beginning, it is still early in the day and I have already aged  two years in two all be sure to thank Ken please for his fabulous photos...

...the Swiss 4-way gets the award for best-dressed team, solid black with white gloves (for easier judging)...and they get 26...the Norgies are, a 31! Smoking, the applause roars from the hangar...France now...a slow start, fast finish, a 31, the USA will need a 29 to we go...a 30! USA WINS! The hangar roars!

Photo by Ken Hansen

8-Way FS is taking off for their final round... we go, and France has a good fast jump, a 20...Russia now...they suffer one glitch but speed on to a 23, so USA will need a 21 to win...Russia finished very strong on the end of their jump...3 of 5 judges gave them the last freeze frame point, it was that close...there is few minutes before USA lands for you folks pounding on the refresh we go! Sweaty palms and thumping heart be calm...they are not going fast, a lot of glitches, they are not going to make and Russia has just won the gold medal! What a comeback by the Russians! This is the first time in the history of 8-Way FS that anyone other than USA has taken the sword! Congratulations Russia!

The joyous Russians celebrate their hard won victory. They took Alan Metni -- the man of the hour for helping them win their round 3 protest -- and tossed him in the air (2nd photo from bottom).

Photos by Ken Hansen.

Alan Metni is thrown airborne by the Russians

End-of-File Notes
The FS competition committee at the IPC is proposing to reduce the number of FS rounds from 10 to 7 for future championships. I find convincing evidence with the end of Women's 4-way and 8-way that 10 rounds is what the competitors would like to keep. This was a fabulous finish, very exciting for the competitors. In the end, all of the best teams won. Congratulations to all the champions!

I will probably write more before I leave, but it's time to pack OmniGear for a while. Thank you all for visiting, and for all the kind words in emails. So long for now!

[T1's End-of-end-of-File Notes] Canopy Formations Speed just wrapped things up (honest -- that pun is always as accidental as it is bad ;) and once again France finished on top with 207.62 seconds total. USA finished second with 247.33 followed by Russia at 277.11. Congratulations France 8-Way CF! And that, ladies, gentlemen and skydivers, is a complete meet!!!

[T2's Amendment to T1's Notes]
Uh, we're not really done yet. We have to wait for all the final Style & Accuracy scores to come over from drop zone Alpha later. We'll get them up as soon as we can! 

There's going to be some serious vodka drinking with the Russians tonight, and the webmaster is going to join them! Film at eleven!

DOH - I almost forgot. I have for you the USA girls round 10! Enjoy! CLICK_HERE_FOR_USA_WOMEN_ROUND_10

I am going to guess that after I unplug this here laptop from the wall in a few minutes, it will be for the last time until I get home in a few days. There is an awards banquet in a few hours, and I will be taking photos that I will post when I get home as a final tidbits page. Then you won't have to listen to me until the nationals. Cheers!

;-) le "T2"