Thursday 28 June

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Good morning! The webmaster got a good night's sleep, so get ready for and earful today!

Bine Bergan proudly waves the Norwegian flag!We'll start with today's Q & A:

Q: Yesterday, did you mean Bipole > Bipole rather than Sidebuddies?
Y: Bingo, yes. I thought about that on the bus ride home. Fast solo turn stuff.

Q: How does the term 3d distinguish freefly etc. from 4FS way ? There are a lot of 3D moves(over the top ect) in 4 way aren't there?
A: Well, I think we can all agree that the FF/FR/SK disciplines are truly 3D in nature; however, the 3D moves they do in FS barely constitute a ripple in the 3rd dimension in comparison.

Q: The official competition started June 24th. We are now June 27th. Less than half of the rounds seem to have been done in most discipline. How do the organizers expect to complete the rounds by June 30th?
A: That is the big question of the hour. I don't know. We shall see.

Q: Can you post some videos of the best skydives like you did in Corowa?
A: I am working on it. My Premiere is crashing every time I try to export the timeline and I don't know why. I'm going to install the update later and try again.

For the 1/2 dozen of you who wrote about the Skysurf averages being the lowest score, that was before any of the rounds were made complete. They only display the average based on completed rounds.

CF & FS8 are taking off, results coming soon.

Burgers, beer & gear. I'm not the only one scarfing down McDonald's burgers!

Photos by Ken Hansen.

Folks, sometime Tuesday morning one of the Switzerland's new rigs was stolen, a brand new Mirage G3 rig, all black with little Swiss red and white aliens (Swiss Click for big picture Flags). Click on picture at right for bigger photo. Someone please drop this rig off in the DZTV room and we'll return it to the owners, no questions asked.

CF Sequential round six just went in the bag, and France, Canada, and USA all posted 11s to keep the standings the same. Will USA hold on for the gold? Will the defending champions come from behind? Stay tuned for this exciting finish!

OmniBro and three-time world FS8 champion Chris Wagner has contributed a large piece to the story of the fun flag. Read all about it and feel free to send in your piece of its history.

The webmaster during yesterday's wind hold.Speaking of FS8, round 6 is under way.

But first, a moment of shameless self-promotion: If you enjoy this OmniSkore internet coverage, please be sure to visit -- and spend all of your money with -- our sponsors, without whose support you would not be reading this. Please and thank you.

But second, T1 observes "How good is Russia [Rotations]? They're throw-away round is better than anyone else's best round." That's pretty good!

Judy during yesterday's wind hold.Those Aussies are trying to confuse me...they are judging their CF Rotes and FS8 teams at the same time, and both teams got the same score: 15. That was a very sweet jump by the FS boys, nice job. France is up now, and their arrowhead out the door doesn't much resemble an arrowhead...oops, it's an open facing diamond out the door, my bad...a very nice 20 for France...Russia next...real fast...a 21! The USA will have to work hard to beat that we go...nice open facing out the door ;-) pace...I think these boys are on 23! That was blistering. I can't believe these guys are this good without training all year!


The Russian CF Rotation team has just set a new world record with 22 rotations on round 5! Congratulations Russia Rotations!

Well now, that was an exciting way to start the day. Coming on the tail of four cups of coffee, I'm about shaking out of my shoes right now.

What's on tap...more CF and FS 8-way, I do believe...thank you Tim Stevens down under for the Fun Flag contribution...T1 has fixed the CF Results bug (this is why we call ourselves the "unofficial" web site)...

Photo by Ken Hansen

Scenes from yesterday. The crowd around the DZTV televisions is watching the top FS 4 teams doing round 5.

Over in the 3D/Creative/Artistic/Free events, the USA Freefly teams have jumped into 1st and 2nd place in the standings, and Craig & Tanya just put up a 9.1 on round 4 of Women's Skysurf. Way to go Tanya!

Everyone is hollering for more photos! Okay!


Clockwise: Yoda the Wunderdog, Germany FS8 on the way to round 7, Spanish women 4-way, and the "Best-Looking 8-Way Team in Spain," the Boys from Britain.

Moving right along with 8-way FS round 7, this jumps looks like it could be a burner. Let's see if anybody puts some big numbers up on the board....Boel is in here writing some more 3D bits, so watch for that soon...I think I might have a pleasant bonus for all of you out there later (I think I licked my Premiere problem)...okay, Russia is up, a good dive, not great, and they just missed the 23rd point on the freeze frame...USA, they have a good pace going, but a brain lock slows them down a bit and they get a 21. I missed France's jump, they got a 20. It's a 4-point lead for USA with three jumps to go!

Boel's New Bits are posted. Photos by Ken Hansen too!

They have released CF for the day and fired up the FS 4-Way; also jumping is Freestyle, and of course Style & Accuracy over at drop zone Alpha.

Ladies up first, round six, and the USA girls just did a very good 14 on a jump with a very slow draw. Now those lovely Norway girls (another photo coming up from Ken!), Eric is shooting some really beautiful video to match, they have a 12 on this one. UK next, these ladies have a nice jump and match the USA with a 14 of their own. Will Sweden keep match them? Yes, they do! Sweden takes the lead with four rounds to go.

Well folks, I tried. Here is a 5 meg video clip of USA 8's round 7, if you can get it to play. I suggest doing a right-click, "save as" to your hard drive, and then opening it. Someone let me know whether or not it works: video_usa8_r7.avi. Premiere wouldn't let me do a "save for web" so it's a straight .avi export from the timeline.

Okay guys, this is the LAST Norway girls photo request I'm going to post (at least until tomorrow). Photo by Lucia Toussaint (not Ken H). Shannon are they paying you for this gig?

We're still mowing through round 6....I just got some new Freefly and Skysurf scores posted...

A gazillion readers ask Q: How many airplanes are they using and why is the competition proceeding so slowly? And the answer A: They have four or five Casas and two Twin Otters, but the basic problem is they cannot fly the Otters and Casas at the same time. Yes, the pace is glacial. But they are really trying. Hey, at least it gives us more time to walk around and take pictures of the Norway girls, eh?

Round six results, the Norgies just barely missed a 20 and France just barely got a 21. Nice effort by France. And giving video credit where video credit is due, I think France has one of the best camera flyers here. Here is USA, and they barely miss a 21. That was CLOSE. The freeze frame giveth, and the freeze frame taketh away. So with four rounds to go, it's the USA by five points. What's that? Allrighty then -- we are proceeding into round 7. What's that? Want more pictures? Allrighty then...

Click for BIG picture in new window

Click on the above photo for a bigger version (cool pic).

These photos by Lucia Tussaint.

Oh boy, it's going to be another late day at the office for the webmaster. Back with the FS 4 Women's' round 7, the USA just did a terrific jump for a 15, and UK followed right behind with a 13. Norway does the same, and Sweden a 14. The heat gets hotter! USA pulls into a tie with Norway, three behind Sweden.

WHOA WILBUR! The inbox is flooded with "The video works!" That's bad news for me and good news for you and my day(s) just got longer ;-(

[T1 swoops the keyboard as T2 sneaks out for a bite of dinner heheheee]

Okay you Borland Delphi gurus out there I have another challenge for you: I want a component that copies file sets, complete with that little pair of progress folders with the little papers flying out of one and into the other. I've been through the kazillion components in my collection of 3d party packages and I can find a few CopyFile functions but nothing close to what I'm looking for. I want to specify one or more file specifications as a source property and a directory/folder name as a destination, call a "go" or "execution" method and watch 'em fly. A solution gets your name on this here marquis and a virtual beer from me! And the Stylus operator at DZ Alpha will have a much easier time getting the style results down here. Help me at 

The "Open" 4-way class is now well underway with Finland on the monitors now. Ouch someone just went for a ride after the exit! They recover for a five. Slovak Republic misses a chance to pass them in the standings with a three, looks like they're tied now.

A query for you bored, high-bandwidth 'Net junkies: how many sets of identical twins are on the DZ? All the evidence you need is in these links. Hint: count T2 and me as the first one (duh).

And now for something completely different: I hope some of you out there are watching the knock-down, drag-out contest underway in Skysurfing Men. France's Eric Fradet, with a skydiving competition resume as long as the runway here, is locked in a real contest with Russia's Valery Rozov, who he just lost to at the last World Meet in Corowa. Be sure to catch the latest on that matchup in Boel's Bits.

Rozov & Fradet

[T2 Returns]
What this video.avi thing means is that the webcam shall be unplugged (I can't use the capture card for two destinations at once, not without making T1 write me a pile of software). It wasn't working anyway, but you knew that.

4-Way FS round 7 drives on. Hey, nice jump Aussies! A 15 fer ya. S&A fans I just posted some style results, accuracy coming later. UK (GBR?) nice, a 19, and the Norgies hot on their heels with the same...France ditto...good skydives around, let's see the USA...a great skydive, one big glitch and a smaller one, but still good for a 20! Someone overflew a sideflake donut, but they recovered fast and went right on cooking. So after 7 rounds, USA has a six point lead.

Wow, what a long day. I've got 30 minutes to export another video and mop up before the bus leaves.

Okay now. Before you touch this link, I want to tell you that one of our sponsors is here. If you guys don't crash their server with hits tonight, I'm going to be *VERY* disappointed, and I might not find the time to post any more videos, catch my drift?

That said, I am please to present to you Airspeed USA 4-way, round 7: video_usa4_r7.avi (3.7 MB) p.s. I discovered too late that the intro to the video says round 8 instead of 7, please do not send me corrections, thank you! Good night!

 Matt & Mike & Olav say, "Goodnight everybody! Go USA!"

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