Sunday 24 June

Last night they had an almost-impromptu opening ceremony (planned at the very late stages) and you can see some pictures of it HERE. Coming soon: the 4- and 8-way draws and some real competition scores. Stay tuned!

It's SHOWTIME! Now taking off: 8-Way FS and CF Sequential. The draws are posted (4-way and 8-way FS) and the CF draws are posted on the CF results page.

Almost done with round one of 8-way FS. France jumped first, and they nearly funneled their exit, but recovered nicely with a respectable 16 points. They do not have nearly as many training jumps as Russia (I am guessing) and I think the real race for the gold will be between USA and Russia. USA 8 has not made any training jumps this year, but they are the defending champions and highly experienced competitors. An interesting observation that may work in their favor: 8-way is out of the Twin Otter (4-way is out of the Casas, a ramp exit). This comes as a surprise to me (I thought all FS was going to be from the Casas). Will Russia finally catch up to the Americans and take the sword? Round one finishes shortly...

Team USA stretching before round 1

...but while we're waiting, I need to emphasize again that all you viewers out there are welcome to send teams/competitors messages through me at, but please, they *MUST* be in the form of attached word documents or RTF files. No zipped files please. I print these messages and drop them in the delegation's distribution box. Thanks!

 ...and back to 8-way, Russia looks REALLY good, and posts a clean 19, a very good jump...USA 8, on their first jump together since the World Cup, look very nervous through the first page, but they pick up the pace and finish with a 19, they *JUST* missed the 20th on the freeze frame. Wow! Okay, they got the jitters out, let's see what happens next.

But, 8-way FS is not the ONLY sequential going on. The crew dogs are doing 4-way, and after two rounds, it looks like the USA and France are once again going to have a knock-down drag-out fight for the gold medal. I think those USA folks may be a teeny bit tired of winning silver medals and they really want to sit a little higher on the medal platform. This will another fun one to watch, yes?

Most teams have jumped round 2 of 8-way FS, but USA and Russia will not be doing theirs' today, Spain as well. 4-way FS is now on call, and CF has stopped for the day.

Earlier I said USA 8 looked nervous on the beginning of round one; I think "unsure" would be a better word. How fast do we go? But they got the gears cranking after they figured out how fast to turn them. Most of the other 8-way FS teams look very good as well; there was some fine skydiving this morning.

HOLY FREEZE FRAME MEET MAN! Check out those standings in 4-way FS (but don't stop there!). USA/FRA/NOR all came out of the gates with guns blazing on full automatic and finished with 19 points each. That is the BEST round one performance I can remember by any team, and they all three did it. Oh boy this is going to be a good one. Almost the same thing is going on in CF Sequential with USA and France. Russia looks like they may run away in CF Rotations, an event they've been dominating the last few years.

It looks like they are just now starting up with the 3D events, I'm going to run down and check out La Gran Carpa Blanca...

...after taking a stroll outside I find out that we are on a wind hold...

Click me for bigger picture!
"I wanna be in the picture too!"

...whilst the weather doth hold us, I think after looking at the 4-way draw it looks like one of the slowest ones I've ever seen, with only round 10 looking remotely fast. And the ramp exit is giving some of the videographers and ALL of the judges a tough go at it. It's a tough exit for the camera flyer to time right, and the judges can't see the edge of the door and must go by movement to start the clock. The result is high "split" times on the exit, and sometimes they take a half dozen or more tries to get the split time down. This is important in those cases where the last point is right on the time line, which is more often than you might think.

Hey Tedro, what time is it? He didn't say beer thirty, so it's time to check the mail...

A Blond Joke
Hey, these judges are a real hoot sometimes. This one from an Aussie:

A blond is on a flight when she gets up from her seat in coach, strolls up, and sits down in the first class section. A flight attendant tells her "Sorry, you haven't paid for first class, you have to go back and sit in coach." And the blond says "Oh no, I'm blond, I'm pretty, and I'm sitting in first class all the way to Montreal." So the flight attendant gets the copilot to talk to her. "Ma'am, you didn't pay for first class, you're going to have to move back to coach" the copilot tells her. The blond replies "Oh no, I'm blond, I'm pretty, and I'm sitting in first class all the way to Montreal." So the copilot goes to the captain and explains the situation. "I'll handle it," he says, "I'm married to a blond, and I speak blond." So the captain goes back and whispers something in the blond's ear. She immediately gets up and moves back to coach. "That's amazing!" says the flight attendant, "What did you tell her?" And the captain says "I just told her that the first class cabin isn't going to Montreal."

...tee hee... with that, I am informed that FS4 is released for the day, while FS8 ESP, RUS, and USA are on standby...

They just called it a day, the winds are still howling and we're retiring to the bar. It was a good start and I'm thinking it's only going to get better. See you tomorrow!



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