Monday 25 June

Good morning! Or, if you are on the left coast of the USA, good evening! Let's get started with today's email Q&A's.

Q: Where are the classics results?
A: Coming soon, when I can find the time to enter several hundred competitors into the computer. I'm also trying to get one of the competitors to write some bits about the S&A side of the competition. Please be patient.

Q: Do the FS4 Women do the same draw as FS4?
A: Yes, but they look a lot better creeping it.

Q: How is the food there?
A: For the most part it is quite good, if a bit repetitious. Note to A1: Please ship emergency cheeseburger kit ASAP. Remember to double wrap the mayo.


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  • At the bottom of each team page for FS and CF you will find a scoring results link that is also posted live by the scoring systems. Find out which judge is being mean to your team!

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After delivering this morning's batch of email, I have to say come on folks, let's get original out there! More than 95% of all messages are exactly this: "GOOD LUCK <enter country code here>! BEAT <enter country's bitter rival here>!" What a waste of trees. Much more entertaining and motivating is a nugget like this: "GO <team>! Flash your <body parts> at the judges and kick some <donkey like creature>! Take no prisoners YOO HOOOO!" Yes, I got one almost just like that. I bet that team wins a medal. Wait - I hear a manifest call. CF is on tap next. Back to work now... while I was waiting for CF scores to show, I plugged Patrick Passe's latest film "CrossWind" into DZTV and sat back. Wow. This is an amazing production. It has a little bit of everything. While it doesn't strike me as a groundbreaking film -- let's face it, we're running out of new things to do in freefall -- it does have superb visuals set to a good soundtrack. Most excellent.

Back to CF Sequential, just finished round 3, and France posted the only 10 -- just squeaking it in -- to take the lead over USA. It was a nice jump. Sequential is a lot of fun to watch.

[T1 drives a moment] WOO-HOO!!! (Jumping up and down and high-fiving T2 and Gloria) I love watching good CF sequential, and the USA team just spanked round 4. France did not have a good round, posting a 7, but the boys and girl from CA did a 12!!! The judges took a nerve-wracking amount of time to post the score but there it is, tying the world record set by France last year! AyechiHUAhua!

Internet access on site...

...where they look up scores on!

Steve & Tim chill while...

...Omar says "Hi Ma!"

"I have no idea. Where's the instructions?"

A reader writes:

"Seems to be some confusion as to whether teams from my home country are from Great Britain or the United Kingdom? In the results they are always listed as UK but there is some confusion in the Team Selection drop-down list."

Ha! I've been waiting for this one. When I got here and started going through all the registration paperwork and building the team pages, I noticed the GBR/UK teams were referenced with both terms. In their OWN registration paperwork, the GBR/UK teams show this confusion. I took the time to ask one of the teams "which do you want?" and they hemmed and hawed and said Great Britain. However, the majority of the official registration paperwork calls them United Kingdom. So I'm still completely lost on which one to use. Ignorance is bliss, as they say (although yes, I DO know the difference between the UK and Great Britain).

And then the the reader wrote:
"p.s. Why are 80% of the FS judges female?!"

Why, that's easy. Because 80% of FS competitors are male. Come on, give me something tough.

FS 4-way is starting soon...stay tuned...

our flealess er fearless webmaster grabs the camera and heads for the hangar...

Top: A wide view looking north in the hangar. Heliochoppers in the background.
Middle: Wendy getting what she deserves and USA girls getting ready for round 2.
 Bottom: Sweden girls and Norway girls doing the same.

And 4-way FS is back under way, and as you can see from the photos, we start with the ladies. The United Kingdom - er, Great Britain women just put a 15 up, and they sure did look sharp. Nice video work, too. USA also has a good jump too but they busted a Tee and take a 13. Norway and Sweden match UKGBR with 15s, quite impressive scores for a slow draw. BTW, the CF Speed scores are posted now, France had two jumps come in under 30 seconds.

Okay, coming up to the end of round two, is anybody going to take the lead? USA, fast, crisp and clean, 25 points. UK had a nice jump, but a J on the exit cost them a point. France does not look as quick as yesterday, a 22 busted to a 20, and just like that USA has a five point lead. Norway...a very good jump, their 24th point is just out, and they are in second by two. No wait - they got a J on the exit, and it's a 22 instead. OH boy *WHEW* it's getting hot in here. Based on a glimpse of the tree outside it looks like we may be on a wind hold shortly. Time to take a break and a walkabout...

We're on a wind hold; the freefly scores will be updated shortly...

...okay they're up...and we just got a 15 minute call for 8-way RUS and USA.

...and they're up! Russia suffered a busted Wagga and got a 15...not a pretty skydive...USA8 now...they are not very fast either, but it's a clean 17, and good for a two point lead. Let's see, what's up next here...I think we have men's Freestyle coming up...

...well, it's beer/dinner thirty and I'm not going to sit around watching a blank screen. I'll check the scores when I get back in a bit...wait...hold the phone! Patrice is on the horn giving a 15-minute call for round 3 of 8-way FS. Well, this is going to be a fast beer.

In all my years of competition, I've never heard a team get a 15 minute call at 9:45 p.m. but I just did. France 8 did 16 but I didn't see it, it must have been a good jump. It looks like Brazil took a zero for missing a manifest call, but I am not sure about that... know, that Netherlands 8-way is no slouch, that was a nice 14 for them. Good skydiving! UK was looking good until they busted. Germany looks terrific, in no small part because they got Rickster shooting video, and that man shoots one pretty video picture...

USA8 creeps round 3

Your wino webmaster is whipped.

...and now, the USA 8 for round 3...such good discipline these guys, waiting for the key, it's a 17. Where's Russia?

Holy...I don't believe it...I am not joking here: they just posted a 0 (zero) for Russia 8-way because they missed their manifest call on round 3! Omigosh, there is going to be some politicking going here here for a while. That drops them all the way to fifth place and leaves France alone in 2nd.  Bus is leaving now, see you tomorrow!

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