Friday 22 June

0600 GMT
A rough night for the webmaster last night; my plumbing was having a parade. I feel better this morning.

Questions from this morning's e-mail:

Q: How are the training jumps going for the teams?
A: Slowly. Most teams are making only two jumps a day. They have had Style/Accuracy and CF jumping in the morning and FS/FF/SK/FR jumping in the afternoon. The aircraft are operating under a lot of restrictions.

Q: Where are the jumpers landing?
A: The FS/FF/FR/SK teams are landing on the NW side of the airfield and the S&A/CF jumpers are landing at the S&A area on the W side. They all get bused back to the main area.

Q: When is T1 going to finish his Granada driving adventure story?
A: I'll have him on it later today. Later: Okay, here it is.

Q: Will you be firing up the DZTV webcam for this meet?
A: Unlikely. It really needs a dedicated connection, which we don't have here. If I have time I might see if it works.

Q: Why no photos of Style & Accuracy teams/competitors?
A: Because there are only 24 hours in a day and we like to sleep. Okay, I know that's a little cold, but it's keeping us swamped just handling the 130+ other teams here. We love those guys too!

Two or three squares a day in the dining facility.

Lunch today is fish, Spanish rice, salad, and flan. Not bad!

Security is tight. The MP's have REAL billy clubs.

The following photos by Tony Hathaway:

Climbing to altitude.

Exit exit!

Bus ride back to main area

It's in here somewhere....

Today was very long day doing team pages. What a pain in the *#!%#. Tomorrow, I'll try to get out and see some action. We'll have official practice going on. And guess what - I got the webcam going!

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