Saturday 23 June

Good morning! Buenos Dias! Bon Jour! A well rested webmaster has just finished the morning's email and looks forward to a long day of preparations. Let's start with the email Q's:

Germany 8-Way CreepingQ: Is there an email address and/or fax number I can use to send messages to competitors to?
A: Yes. Send it to me with the the recipient team in the subject line and I'll put it in the team's distribution box, which is just outside the door here. I'll have the fax number soon as well. Word attachments work best, formatted for A4 size paper.

Q: Is there a picture of T1 and his new vihuela yet?

Q: Where are the rest of the team pictures?
A: We are still taking pictures and posting them as we go. It is very laborious. If your team is not there, wait a couple of days. If it's still not there, send your team to see us. Also, please keep the name corrections coming. I know there are a LOT of mistakes in them and I am happy to fix them.

Q: Can I get a copy of the original high-resolution photo of my team?
A: Yes, but before you ask for one, keep in mind we are giving a free copy on disk to each team. If you can't get a copy of the picture from your team later, send me and email request and I'll send you the photo when I am able to procure a circular tuit..

The Big White Tent is nearing completion
I was watching some of the official FS training jumps out of the corner of my eye while I was laboring on the webcam yesterday, and what little I saw was quite impressive. I glimpsed a much improved Russia Women's team and also the Italy 4-way. Turkey as well, some really good skydiving. I sense a very strong spirit of intense competition out there. There should be -- indeed, there will will be -- very close battles in all of the events here. It should be quite a show, and as I am fond of pointing out, I have the best seat in the house! ;-)

Will this finally be the Norgies' year?

"Hi Dad! Wait - I AM the dad."

Next jump is going on the score board!

Viewers, if you send a Word file for a competitor or team, be sure you mention the country it's for in the email. I'm pretty busy, so I really don't want to scour the competition database trying to figure out which team John Doesavich is on. Better yet, name your Word file after the country it's for, like usa.doc. Keep in mind I am placing these printouts directly in the country's distribution box, so if you send a dirty picture of yourself for your sweetheart, the whole delegation will probably get a rise out of it. ;-)

Well, I finally had a good opportunity to get a good shot of the Norwegian girl's team while I was in the cafeteria, but of course the batteries died right when I aimed the camera. DOH!

Okay, I need to amend my email policy for messages and letters sent to me for delivery to competitors and teams. I can't print individual emails (it does not work well with Hotmail) so you *MUST* send a Word .DOC or .RTF file as an attachment.

OH YEAH we just watched USA's 4-way practice round on the DZTV, and they smoked a really smooth 25. Very sweet. Zigzag > Marquis T-murphy diamond. Right after their jump, the USA girls did their own "sweet 16." Nice! Stay clean on those transitions, ladies! Remember, it's not the fastest team that wins, it's the one with the most points at the end. Back to work now on team photos....

Jose Carlos Garcia-Martinez fixing the power down the hall...just saw France's 4-way jump, and they too look ready to rumble. Theirs was a much slower draw, a clean 18 points. Ooh, this is going to be a good meet....

HOLY FRIJOLES THOSE TEAM PAGES! Almost 150 of them! Aye carumba! Is it show time yet? Someone drag me to the bar! See you tomorrow!

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