Welcome to Omnibits for Friday, 31 August (Day 6)


The coffee machine at the hotel was b0rken this morning. I had to drive to the DZ with no caffeine in my system!

The sky is clear and we're anticipating finishing all events by early afternoon ...

Still hard at work on "finishing" (cough cough) the Skyderby interface. Latest addition: OSHD will use links to Skyderby's flight analysis for a specific flight, instead of a link that opens OSHD's silly little graph snapshot.


Wow! In Performance, Time task Round 3, Chris Geiler, posted 61.5 seconds, dropping him from 1st to 3rd place. Ouch! That drops him almost 5 percentage points behind the leader, probably too much to make up in the single remaining jump

Microsoft always does something in their updates that breaks OSHD operations somewhere. At this competition the laptops I was trying to use as transcode servers couldn't see the copy stations. This wasn't the case from the start of the meet; the problems just started creeping in. It turns out that the latest round of updates, which didn't install on all of the laptops at the same time, introduced a new "Domain Firewall" setting that must be turned off in order for the peer-to-peer networking to work.

I sure wish I could go to Windows 7 on all those laptops! What a headache Windows 10 has been. I never have issues with my Windows 7 laptops.


Acro now completed.! One more task/round of Performance. Really nice outside and I'm stuck in here :/ (but not for long)


We. Are. DONE. Thanks for tuning into all this crappy coverage of a great event. The organization was fantastic, the judging staff was fantastic, the competitors were fantastic, and I was occasionally mistaken as fantastic!

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