Welcome to Omnibits for Wednesday, 29 August (Day 4)


The day is starting with a task of Performance, then a round of Acro.

Still working on the interface with Skyderby. Progress is a little slow but it's getting there. Hack hack hack

btw the wrinkle we're trying to iron out is the !@#$ing lane targets (aka reference targets aka reference points). Aleksandr and I both made the mistake of thinking that there would be a limited set of static ground reference points that would be established by the meet director before the competition. El wrongo!!! Theoretically an entire task for a round (i.e. one column of scores, what FS would simply call a "round") uses the same single set of 4 targets, but those can change even for rejumps, so by the end of the meet you can have 9 or more sets of targets that were used.

What this means for judging systems is the reference point for a given flight must be saved with the results of that flight -- it must be a persistent association. This was the cause of a solid day and a half of work for me when I got here, and Aleksandr is running into that buzz saw now. Anyway, we're working on it, and as soon as we're over that hump I'll get all of the flights uploaded to Skyderby, and soon after that wrap up a way for it all to happen automagically.

Where's my cappuccino ...


The meet grinds on! The Skyderby.ru interface is now done ... or at least we hope it is. I'm now uploading all of the flights and as soon as I can do some inspection on the results at Skyderby, and get a thumbs up from the customers, I'll promote it to "Published".

Acro done through 4 rounds, cappuccino through 2 ...


The mirroring of results at skyderby.ru is almost complete! You can tune in there at https://skyderby.ru/events/69. If that URL doesn't work for you, you may have to log in and browse to the competition results.

Please note: results will not match precisely! Only the results published by the FAI are official. Over time we will work to find the sources of differences and work them out where we can.

Big thanks to Aleksandr Kunin of Skyderby for taking the time to work with me on the OSHD interface!


The biggest difference discovered so far between OSHD and Skyderby calculations is the application of the penalty. Skyderby is applying the penalty to the task result, and it should be applied instead to the score as calculated by CR 3.9.1, which is the "%" score. Aleksandr is addressing this now.

Round 6 of Acro is now on the operating table!


Results at Skyderby are now much more closely aligned with OSHD's. Acro all done & posted through Round 6. Ted is fed and ready for bed. See you tomorrow

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