Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 28 August (Day 3)


Beautiful day here!

Round One of Acro is starting to submit their videos.

Somebody send me some spare time please :)


Round One of Acro is posted, including videos, at the results link. Performance is performing again.

I've been very busy this morning with various tasks, but mostly trying to stand up new code to get log files and results to Skyderby.ru. I've come a long way since yesterday but Aleksandr and I are still trying to work out the interface details. The communication is a little slow but it is steady and we make a little progress each time. So even if we don't succeed until get this working until late in the competition, at least we'll have a foundation to work with for future competitions.

And, competitors, if you're loading your own log file to Skyderby or Paralog or wherever and expecting to see the same results that OmniSkore is getting ... DON'T :) With two different log files, you would only get the exact same result by accident. There will always be some variation from FlySight to FlySight -- especially in the hMSL trace, which can make disproportionate differences in scores. (Calculate distance/speed/time values through the window while going up or down just a few fixes and you'll see what I mean.)


wx hold because evil clouds


Oh my. Performance Round 1 Distance had four loads tossed and now rejumping. If you see some changing score data in the ether, you know why!

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