Welcome to Omnibits for Monday, 27 August (Day 2)


Today starts with Performance training jumps. After some number (? no clue how many) there will be a short break, then Round 1, starting with Speed. I think Acro official training jumps will  commence when the Performance competition begins.

Good news: I'll be working with Aleksandr of Skyderby to get jumps "mirrored" on his site. Not yet sure if it's even possible but we're getting to work on it!

This morning's coding adventure: figuring out why Benedikt Hövelmann's name was appearing all b0rken in the (browser) results tables. Turns out our HTML templates had "charset=somestupidwindowsthing" instead of "charset=utf-8".


This afternoon under beautiful skies we completed official practice jumps for both Performance and Acro.

An important development was a rather serious issue with the application of rule 3.5.4 (for Performance) because almost every competitor was in violation -- usually significantly! -- at 5 seconds after exit. So the jury has approved the decision to NOT enforce rule 3.5.4. It is highly unusual to see something like this at a FCE, but ... it was the right call!


A busy first day of real scores. Wish I had time to share everything!

A highlight from late afternoon was being presented with a difference between Skyderby WS Performance results and OSHD's. It turns out the difference is caused by the two systems using different algorithms for calculating the exit fix, which is absolutely critical for getting the flight lanes correct. I'm in steady contact with Aleksandr of Skyderby and we're working that issue together with getting his site to mirror the competition's log files. A lot of new territory for me, and fun territory. (New toys!!!)

WS Acro only did practice jumps today and should start official rounds tomorrow.

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