Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 26 September (Day 10)


Turbine exhaust. Smells as good as this coffee!!!

Hurricane 4-Way continues this morning. With any luck I won't have any stray DZTV computers (the ones that belong to SP) stealing LAN slots from my MS EULA allowance of 20 ...


Wow. The Awesome Sauce is working this morning.


Darnit! I was celebrating the smoothness of the day too soon. About an hour ago we got hit with a network meltdown about the same time an unauthorized computer joined my peer-to-peer LAN again, kicking one of the copy stations off the network. Had to take the whole network down and reboot it, from the router down.

Just when all that started, I was wrapping up some changes to create .webm format videos for the web site, instead of .mp4 files. Those changes are in place now, so browsers like Chrome that stopped support h.264 video should be able to play the video links now.

Note that the videos created up until now will remain mp4 file a while. The downside to all this is that it takes MUCH longer to create a .webm file than it does an .mp4. So I can no longer create them as fast as the judges create scores. So some additional patience out there in the cloud will be necessary.

(Next day)
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