Welcome to Omnibits for Monday, 25 September (Day 9)


We (there's a mouse in my pocket) are up, stocking water and boarding windoze for Hurricane 4-Way. 

Seventy-three teams! Sheldon will be thrilled. There were so many camera peeps at the videographer briefing last night I had to bring a chair for CO'B to stand on.

Here in the ECR we've upgraded the transcoder laptop count from two to four. The two newbies only have core i5s so they'll each be operating with two transcode threads instead of four. But at least it's a total of 12 instead of 8. Let's see if the judges can keep up with what's about to hit them.



And of course there's Always Something. 

Last night I was a good  boy and spent the time re-allocating resources so we'd have five copy stations and four transcoders running for 4-Way, instead of the normal four and two.

Last night I was a bad boy and failed to note that adding two more computers to the setup would make the total 21. That's one more than Windoze allows in a peer-to-peer network. D'oh! Not the first time that problem has bit me. So, five copy stations, three transcoders.

And of course there's Always Something More. Had a heck of a time getting one of my DZTV servers to recognize both monitors. Eventually had to pull the HDMI splitters I was using to condition the signals to the streamers. No clue what was going on there. But what a sucky time to have that problem.

Looking out of the corner of my eye, where I have VLCs playing each of the three streams, I see all three judging panels are now busy doing their thing. You should be able to find at least one of these feeds running at skydive-tv.com.

Check out those Round 1 scores in Open -- wow!!! HayaBusa spanked it with a 31 and SDC Rhythm XP a 29, Arizona Airspeed 27. This is a fast draw ...


VIDEOGRAPHERS ... YES YOU!!! ... it is very important that you mark your exit time properly when you do your thing at the copy stations!!! Not five seconds early, not five seconds late, but right when your team leaves the airplane. Plus or minus one or two seconds is fine. Less precision than that usually results in someone having to repeat the process on your behalf. Please help us and mark your exit times properly :)


A note to competitors on site using the JukeBoxes: please understand that the JukeBox software does not do a perfect reproduction of the scoring sequence. It's less accurate for several reasons, but it faifthfully reproduces what the judges did (in terms of location of the freeze-frame) 98.6% of the time. If you replay a jump on the JukeBox and see a last point just in or just out that was different from how it was officially scored, please don't think there's possibly an issue with whether it was accurately judged the first time. If you want the technical details and can stay awake while listening to them, come to me and I'll share them with you :) (Just one of them: the OSHD scoring software uses a high-resolution timer; the JukeBox software does not, and this is so that the JukeBoxes can run on computers other than Core i7's.)


Yes, we are still waiting for team photos, that's why you don't see them on the team number links or on DZTV ...

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