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Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 31 May (Day 4)


What a horrible no good technology sucks day.

My router decided it cannot run for three days without slowing packet traffic down to smoke signal levels. My server suddenly decided it will not run the transcode manager without changing the compatibility setting -- as in turning it off, or turning it on. Then it decided it could not see NFS locations on its own file system. (Problem still unsolved ... I had to take the server out of the loop and have the copy stations do the transcoding.) The second monitor on my laptop, where the vidz are rendered, stopped working.

And my Internet access disappeared most of the day. Grrrr

As you probably know by now, Style and Accuracy are both complete., and 4-Way Sequential (the most esthetic of all skydiving events IMHO) is in Round 7. If they finish that today I will sleep all of tomorrow!

Currently working on getting all videos ripped, wrapped and uploaded. Stay tuned!

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