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Welcome to Omnibits for Monday, 30 May (Day 3)


This morning will start with the final two rounds of Accuracy since Texair has to leave tomorrow morning (a scheduling error, I heard). We've set up a Dropbox solution for getting the data without the "sneaker-net", so hopefully we can see some fully automated Accuracy scores matriculate through the omniware and to the web site.


Round 9 of Accuracy is posted and CF 4-Way Rotations are underway. All of yesterdays 2-Way videos are online and 4-Way Rotations will be posted later today.

I've been working on an implementation of results (standings) for FAI Style and Accuracy. Whoever wrote all those rules had an infatuation with the number 16:

  • 16 is the maximum score for an individual round for both Style and Accuracy. 
    • Never mind that both are completely different units (seconds and centimeters).
  • 16 is the number of numbers that constitute a Style score (base time plus 15 penalty scores).
  • There are 16 sets of results (winners) -- the following list, multiplied by two, one each Male and Female:
    • Team Accuracy Landing 
    • Team Overall
    • Individual Accuracy Landing
    • Freefall Style
    • Individual Overall
    • Junior Individual Accuracy Landing
    • Junior Freefall Style
    • Junior Overall
  • The Competition Rules is 16 pages long.
  • The cup of coffee I drank while reading the rules was 16 ounces.


Style scores are finally going up!.

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