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Welcome to Omnibits for Saturday, 28 May (Day 1)


Greetings from sunny Lake Wales! Accuracy has completed Round 1 and we're working on getting the scores posted.

CF will start tomorrow and Style will possibly start later today. Lots more to share but busy narfling gartocks at the moment. Stay tuned!


Typical first day! Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Accuracy should be wrapping up round 3 (or even 4) and I'm waiting for scores. With which to test this morning's programming exercise: the direct import of Texair accuracy system results into OmniSkore. We did the first two rounds by hand and hope to have everything fully automated before round 7 starts.

By "fully automated", I mean of course that the accuracy score appears on this web site within seconds of its creation on the tuffet, just like scores created by OSHD. Our current limitation is communication: connecting the OSHD scoring LAN to Andy Houston (Texair)'s laptop out by the tuffet. If anyone has any hot tips on how to wirelessly extend a wired LAN, please let me know!

As in recent years, Sammy and Iva are here from to provide their superb coverage of a Nationals. (Like me though they have been battling some Internet access and bandwidth issues. FSC is doing all they can to help (thank you Brian Festi!) but they have to support the entire drop zone with a single DSL pipe, the only option currently available at the airport. I've heard the city is working to remedy this in the next year or three and get fiber optic installed.) Be sure to visit for the quality coverage you expect from a USPA Nationals.


Acc done through round 4 but a spattering of rejumps in the mix."Demonstration" event Sport Accuracy is underway but I didn't see this event on the USPA web site or in the comp rules so I wasn't prepared to support it. Workaround: Jim Reese is preparing something I can print to PDF, upload and link to here.


Link to Sport Accuracy results created on the competition intro page (here)

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