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Welcome to Omnibits for Friday, 30 October (Day 9)


Rain. Clouds. Bryan is sending a plane up to see how high that 8000' ceiling is.


Clouds. Big fat low ones that eat people.


Rain. Clouds. People are disappearing.


Woo-hoo, jumping!!! Artistic events are on YT Channel One, 10- and 16-Way on Channel Two.

Hey, Artistic Events camera flyers -- if your camera is on your helmet downside up, please hold your slate the same way!

(end PSA)


The Meat Director [sic] is hoping to get two rounds of 16-Way in today.


10-Way is DONE. Working on the vidz.


Just got word that the Golden Knights are not doing 16-Way because some members had to return home early.

10-Way videos are uploading now. Enjoy!!!


If you think the meet coverage here has been shoddy, just wait until tomorrow. I apologize in advance for how thin it's going to be, beause I'll be packing equipment as soon as 16-Way is done, and lurking the AE judges like a hungry hawk when they're close to done, because two things are for sure, Rich Purnell is a steely eyed missile man and I'm past ready to go home!

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