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Welcome to Omnibits for Wednesday, 28 October (Day 7)


The good news: my laptop didn't lock up running the MP4 video capture mission overnight. The bad news: it stopped at 2am because the hard disk was full. And I had cleaned it up for this competition. D'oh! The .avi files that Camtasia spits out are just too big (~450M each).

8-Way resumes with Round 5 in 20 minutes ...


I assume everyone's been keeping up with the action at Mostly highly recommended!!! Beats the !$@# out of omnibits. (I know, I know, that hasn't been a tall order lately.)

8-Way of course is ALL DONE and in the jump-off in Advanced, 1604 Motiv8 won the tie-breaker by having the fastest time to the last point. I believe that's the first time I've ever seen a medal decided by this TB rule, err make that the second, both at this Nationals!

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