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Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 27 October (Day 6)


I seem to have lost my shaker of salt. That's not the bad news though ... my main laptop blue screened a few minutes after I left the office last night, so the bulk of the MP4 generation task didn't get executed. I don't think that laptop has ever BSOD'd before.

4-Way continues ... hopefully you're keeping up with the show at, what a great job those folks do!

Today's frustration: my main development laptop. It's a 4.5 y/o HP w/Windoze 7 Ultimate and has always been one of the most stable and reliable Windows platforms I've ever used. But since last night it has BSOD'd once and completely locked up -- not even the slightest response from mouse or kb -- twice. A consequence of last night's BSOD is that yesterday's 4-Ways will not make it online today. Double grrrrr.


FS Competitors and spectators watching the big screens ... do not be concerned if you see funny timing or playback speeds at the start of the video. This is *not* the same picture the judges are seeing. Sometimes the server has to "catch up" to where the scoring system is in the video. Believe me, if the judges see something funny like a video playing at the wrong speed or starting at the wrong time, they will stop and fix it!

4-Way done and 8-Way starting soon :)

Ooops -- check that -- a jump off in 4-Way is around the corner ...


The Golden Knights broke their 18 year old world record with a 32 in Round 1. Congratulations Golden Knights! (And I got to see both of them!!!)

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