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Welcome to Omnibits for Monday, 26 October (Day 5)


This is it! The Big One! El Kahuna Grande!!! Sixty Four-Way teams start getting first calls in just 20 minutes. We have all the skids charged and batteries greased.

In about an hour -- when we're close to live judging -- I'll make another programming post about what can be see on which YouTube channel. Stay tuned!!!


4-Way Open will be streamed on YouTube Channel One and Advanced on Channel Two. SkydiveTV's stream will have only 4-Way Intermediate. YT Channels One and Two will additionally have Intermediate teams, since there are more Intermediate teams than Open and Advanced combined.

I continue to have headaches getting the NetPost computer to stay on EST. I have the Date/Time settings set to *not* do any automatic updates or Internet time sync. Yet it periodically resets itself to Arizona time zone. Grrr


298 jumps judged today, as of 4pm :)

Well this morning barely went well enough! Until early afternoon I had serious problems with all the computers in the system (there are 17 of them) operating verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slowwwwwwwwwwwwwly, especially the copy station laptops, which are also the most heavily used.

I can't believe it took me that long to figure out that when the server (running Windows Server 2012 R2) is busy transcoding videos, it responds to database requests only when it darn well pleases. So around 3pm I moved the database to the laptop running NetPost (which I happen to be typing on here), which doesn't do any transcoding or video playing or video processing of any kind.

MUCH better results. Naturally this required some coding tweaks in the copy station and scoring software to bypass the assumption that the computer with the datamabase is also the computer doing the transcodes. That was easy enough.


... and this day is DONE!  Four hundred and fifty-six 4-Ways jumps judged! MP4 files are under the knife and will start uploading early tomorrow morning (if someone can get me out of bed). CU THEN


ps oh yeah -- 8-Way team rosters and draw are uploaded too.

psp wohever l3ft the botlle of 1800 Agave Takillya in the juges refrig8r my fabulus ex fiance is gooing to want a wrod w you

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