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Welcome to Omnibits for Friday, 23 October (Day 2)


(Tap tap tap) Is this thing on? (Tap tap tap)

Another GORGEOUS day budding outside. Stay tuned for VFS 4-Way and more MFS 2-Way!


Hopefully you've been able to keep up with what's going on here via Sammy and Iva's very fine coverage at And the two YouTube channels, of course :)

I've been working this morning on fixing a shortcoming in the replay system (aka OSHD JukeBox). A JukeBox selects the next skydive to play by looking for the one that hasn't been played in the longest time (or, of course, not at all). This is perfectly fine as long as there is only one JukeBox, but I have five of them running; three for the live channels (including Skydive-TV's) and two in the hangar. I've now added the JukeBox's host name to the lookup criteria, which for you means that if you're looking at a single streaming channel waiting for a particular team or jump, you may not have to wait forever :)

(That said, this change will not go into effect until later today or tomorrow, whenever the next significant judging break occurs.)


VFS just started :)

Their team photos are now up, as well as comp videos through this morning.


If ne1 knows how to make Windoze 8 pooters stop changing the time zone automatically, please let me know. (Automatic Internet synch is already turned off. Went there, did that.) My automatic NetPost updates are getting interrupted because the laptop keeps changing its time zone to AZ time and it needs to stay on EST for the WinSCP updates to work. Grrr


The day is lit and the beer light is done. Uh you know what I mean. Great day.

But a whoooooooooooooooooole lotta discussion about MFS judging/rules. Sure glad I don't gotta judge that stuff, it's a b.-itch.

See you tomorrow morning!


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