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Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 23 September (Day 13)


Good Morning, Viet Nam!! err, America!! Style is up first this morning. I'm told the plan is to try to have all the jumping done by noon. We will see what happens.


We've just discovered that the score being displayed for each Style jump is wrong. We apologize, and we are working on a fix.

Turns out it is just the JukeBox machines and the printed score sheets were wrong. Values displayed on are correct. The JukeBox and OmniPrep software are being updated.


Round 5 of Sequential has been judged. Round 2 of Style is being judged.


Style is currently having round 3 judged, and Sequential is having round 6 judged.


Moving right along. Sequential's final round is being judged, and judging of Style's round 4 is almost finished.


Murphy struck again. We had a power outage about an hour ago, shut down the entire hangar. But we are back up now and back in bidness. Accuracy is jumping, and Rotations is busy.


It's a sandwich. Er, make that a wrap. All done. Final awards tonight followed by frantic packing and hugs til next time. Thanks for visiting everybody!

- Team OS!HD

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