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Welcome to Omnibits for Monday, 22 September (Day 12)


Good morning! Skies are clear, temperature is in the low 40s. Accuracy Landing and 4-Way Rotation are wheels-up at 0700.


Judges are judging the first round of 4-way CF Rotations. Scores coming shortly...

Accuracy competitor 5217 (5017 in Style) Colin Rhodes is the fella who got the OmniSkore RV unstuck when it became mired in the mud when we arrived last week. OmniSkore is grateful and we wish him the best.


Trying to get some accuracy photos posted but software not cooperating...round one of CF Rotations is done and Storm Rotors had a 3-point lead with a 13...


Rotations has finished 4 rounds. Sequential is on call. The Accuracy events have completed 2 rounds.


Rotations is done for the day, Sequential has completed round 1. Our Meet Director hopes to get in at least one round of Style today, if everything goes well with the other events.


Sequential is complete through round 3. Videos for the first 4 rounds of Rotations and the first round of Sequential have been uploaded. Enjoy!


Sequential is complete through round 4 and videos through round 3 have be uploaded. Accuracy is working on round 7. CF is done for the day, and the first round of Style is in the air.


I mis-understood. Accuracy is not working on round 7. They are done for the day.


Videos for all the completed CF rounds have been uploaded. Style is still working on round 1.

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