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Welcome to Omnibits for Sunday, 21 September (Day 11)


Rain during the night, clear skies this morning, but winds at altitude are high, so the CF folk are on hold. Style is first up this morning, wheels up in about 15 minutes.



Well, the winds kept the Style people on the ground, and everyone is on hold until 1100.



Winds and clouds. Winds and clouds. The hold has been extended to 1300.



They woke me up so that I could tell you that the hold has been extended to 1500.



Things are looking up. Hopefully, we will have some Style jumpers in the air within the half-hour.



The weather is right on the hairy edge, but just not quite good enough. The plan is to get either Style or 4-Way Rotation in the air when conditions allow. Meanwhile, we continue to standby.



The weather gods win again. We are done for the day. See you in the ay em.

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