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Welcome to Omnibits for Saturday, 20 September (Day 10)


CF judges are scoring 4-Way Sequential, some dives that were made yesterday. We are in a weather hold, and it is not looking too promising. The event that goes up next (CF, Style, or Accuracy) will depend on whatever the weather allows.



Correction: It is 4-Way Rotations that is getting yesterday's jumps judged, not 4-Way Sequential. My bad. (D1). The weather is not improving.

Ten minutes later: Oops, wrong again. It is not yesterday's jumps they are judging; they are practicing with last year's jumps.



Well, the clouds are improving, but the winds at altitude are not. Still on weather hold. Competitors are released until noon.



Accuracy is released for the day. CF and Style are on hold until 1300.



It's raining, it's pouring!! We are done for the day. Wheels up at 0700 tomorrow if the weather gods allow it.

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