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Welcome to Omnibits for Wednesday, 17 September (Day 7)


8-Way continues this morning and the Artistic Events begin. I believe 16-Way starts this afternoon. I expect to see the Artistic Events finish all their jumping today, but the judging my extend into next month.

8-Way videos are ONLINE! Go watch the Golden Knights Round 7.  Not their highest scoring jump of the day, but I believe their best performance.


JukeBox operators -- sorry, the hammer is down! That's the message you'll get if you try to replay a video that's not 16:9. I've begged and asked politely and asked less than politely and I've posted signs on the wall by the copy stations and put it in the videographer's briefing -- please set your cameras to 16:9 resolution. You had fair warning :)


Artistics judging is in progress and 8-Way just finished Round 9. The medal places seem to be settled in all three events ...

Clarification on the 8-Way videos: they're up only through Round 7 (and a few in Round 8). The remaining rounds will be uploaded later today.


8-Way is DONE.


AE and 16-Way ... and the S&A staff are kicking their tires getting ready for this weekend ...


Daydreaming of the year that goes by when USPA doesn't change the Artistic rules...


Yes I'm aware of the problem with the 16-Way standings ... it's fixed now ... more on that tomorrow ... 8-Way awards going on right now  ...


Anon.: If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space.

T1: Show me somebody who never made a mistake, and I'll show you somebody who never made anything at all.

I had a horrible personal experience late today. I'd already delt with several visits from Murphy, when late in the afternoon, I was handed the only kind I really fear: incorrect results.

Halt the presses, have a heart attack kind of results -- incorrectly sorted standings. Everywhere -- on the Internet, on the DZTV, on the hardcopies the CJ was signing. This is the penultamate form of competition results, the one kind you have to get right.

Thank goodness I started using Git for my configuration management. I reset my branch back one commit, rebuilt and got the right results.

Gawd only knows what I did to b0rke it ... when off we go to figure out how I'm going to handle what happens in 10-way after the score has been determined. Woo-hoo!!!

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~ted / t1 / omniguy

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