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Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 16 September (Day 6)


Outside the sky is clear, crisp and blue. 8-Way teams are creeping, Otters and computers are being pre-flighted, judges are sipping coffee and 4-Way mp4 files are matriculating their way through the ether.

First load goes up at 0700!

I left the mp4 mission computer running yesterday afternoon when we had to leave The Hangar, assuming (hoping) it would just keep on churning. But unlocking the screen this morning, I found that FileZilla had simply stopped as soon as the screen was locked. No status or error message anywhere ... just ... stopped, right where it was when I hit Windows-L.

FS judges working 8-Way
Two teams of FS judges putting the caffeine to work.
8-Way team creeps
An 8-Way team does something to stay warm.
Some 8-Way team door jams
Some 8-Way team jams ...
Some 8-Way team funnels
Hangar action
That's the national 8-Way FS team from Qatar on the right, registered here as team 1708 "Falcons".


8-Way Intermediate Round 1 is just completed - check the scores!

Wow ... the (WORLD CHAMPION) Golden Knights just burned a 26 on Round 1. Can't wait to get that one uploaded! [EDIT: ha! wait until you see Round 7!]


I'm back at the keyboard after some visits from Murphy. Nothing bad ... a DZTV HDMI extender transmitter had to be reset, a database had to be repaired, and a JukeBox had to have a separate touch-screen monitor added. Of course, all those things had to happen at once. Nuther day at the office :)

Meanwhile 8-Way is cruising along. Round 3of Intermediate is seconds of way from completion ...


Good news: all MFS 2-Way / VFS 4-Way / FS 4-Way mp4 files are generated and uploaded. Enjoy, but visit our sponsors first!!!

The quality isn't quite as good as last year -- these are only 512x288 and 800k bit rate, but they should scratch your itch.


8-Way is already done through Round 4.


While you think I was out goofing off or enjoying the sunshine, I was actually out at the Style & Acc area testing the video capture equipment. (And enjoying the sunshine.)

8-Way has been cruising right along, eight rounds done!

I see that in 8-Way Intermediate, the silver and bronze places are still pretty much up grabs while Motiv8 pulls has its own one-horse race. In Advanced, looks like Perris Prime8 and MonsterXP are having that same battle in the shadow of Perris Moxie.

No races in Open ... the Golden Knights are in a league of their own, 44 points ahead of Airspeed 8.

Wanna see a textbook example of how to do EVERYTHING right in a competition jump? Check out the Golden Knights Round 7. Perfection from every angle. The the video performance, the jump performance, the video quality, did I mention the VIDEO PERFORMANCE? As good as it gets. Working on getting the video rendered and uploaded soon!

Trying to get some updated information on how much 8-Way the Meat (sic) Director is going to try to get done today.


... and the answer is EIGHT. Rounds. Of 8-Way. Today.

Pull up a chair, you don't wanna miss the judging of Golden Knights Round 8 -- a pretty fast block followed by three randoms.


Oh my!!! For the second time in a few weeks the Knights had a Golden opportunity to beat their own world record of 31. A funneled exit spoiled the chance in Prostejov, and a single bust thwarted them today, 32 formations in time (33 barely out) busted down to a 31.


Team OSHD is signing off for the evening. Thank you for tuning in and if you haven't taken the time to at least thank our sponsors in the links above please take a few seconds to do so. Even better, empty your wallets at their web sites. Their sponsorship covers the real costs of this web page, and everything else gets tossed into the US Team Trust Fund. (I promise. Really.)

The Artistic Events and 16-Way results tables are initialized with the registered team, so you can see who's here.

My faithful backup pooter, JUKEBOX3, has been tirelessly churning out AVIs and MP4s all day. Most of those have been targeted for but I have a bucketfull that are for Before I leave The Hangar for the night I will launch a FileZilla session to get them headed over the transom and into the ether.

So, the video links in the results pages have been turned on, but please be patient, they may not actually work until the wee hours of the morning, and that's assuming Murphy doesn't hijack the process while Roy and I are catching some dinner and some Zees.

Thanks for turning in and see you tomorrow -- 0645 first call for 8-Way and Artistic Events!

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