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Welcome to Omnibits for Friday, 12 September (Day 2)


We woke up to low overcast skies but there is a big hole to the east that has everyone excited. Still on hold until it gets bigger or closer. 

The Meet Director is keeping the holds pretty short, so everyone has to stay close.

Quick update: on hold until 9am, meaning teams could get a call at 8:45.

VFS team videographers: your slates are printed and ready to pick up at the copy stations. Note they are NOT stapled in round number order!


Mr Wenger reports another one hour hold will commence at 0900.

Sorry about the focus problems ... I haven't had my coffee yet.
Lonely mockups
Three of the FOUR TwOtter mockups outside The Hangar. About the only way these could be more accurate would be if they were raised a few inches.
Blue sky dancing
A VFS team rehearsing a blue sky dance.
Over here, over here!!!
The hole in the sky has been creeping in the wrong direction!
Though I walk through the valley of ...
I had high hopes for this photo, but my Nikon camera only has auto focus, and how to make it work remains a mystery.
The Hangar
A lot of chillin' and millin' but not much else until the wx breaks.

My Nikon camera's "Easy Auto Mode" is supposed to be idiot proof but I'm too good of an idiot.

Ori Kuper is of course taking the team photos. I love 2103's!


SDC has brought me an FM radio so I can hear the manifest calls.  If ne1 in the area has a pocket FM radio I can use for the competition that would be even better, so I can listen with headphones and be a bit more mobile.


Holds continue.

New toys!!! Mr FedEx has delivered the power supplies I needed to round out my equipment setup. I no longer need to rob the 19V 150W power supplies from the ASUS G74SX (monster) laptops to run two of the JukeBoxes. Everybody's happy. Three JukeBoxes, three OSHDs, four copy stations, and the two ASUS anchors, one serving as the database host and the other pulling NetPost duty to give you scores and (hopefully!) videos (upload bandwidth permitting). Twelve computers, plus my admin laptop, and there's one more OSHD available if Mayrlou decides she wants to run a fourth panel.

The radio to hear manifest calls is nice but the Eat Up cafe is using the same freq. Sam and Scott, your food is ready!

One of US skydiving competition's greatest traditions is the oldest trophy in formation skydiving, the CG Godfrog Good Vibes Award, awarded each year by the previous year's winner to the 10-Way team that displays the best sportsmanship and "good vibes". Each winner makes their own "mark" on the award, and as you can see, there has been quite a bit of dressing up and accessorizing over the years.

CG Godfrog
The front of the CG Godfrog Award. The original award is the green plastic box (with the 10-Way of frogs, of course).
CG Godfrog inside
At some point (does ne1 know when?) the original green "table top" was mounted on this sturdy wood ... frame ... thingie. Stored inside are the printed history of the award and additional accoutrements & accessories.
CG Godfrog inside
For complete text of the original Sharpie inscriptions, see here.
CG Godfrog back panel
A better shot of the back panel.

I'm proud to report that at least three Wagners have their names on the award, with Chris on it at least twice :)


Competitors released until 2pm ...


Competitors released for another hour. Not looking good.

Tomorrow will start at 0630 first call for 0645 take-off, for two rounds of MFS 2-Way, followed by 4-Way (I think both FS and VFS), and then 2-Way again to finish the day. It is going to be one busy day!

It will be the first, last, and only day for VFS, assuming nothing happens today. And more weather coming in again Monday.

Here's a digital mystery on my hands. Look carefully at the image below. The paper on the left side is what comes out of the printer when the "Print on \\OMAR\HP Deskjet 4200 series" button is clicked on the right, below which is an exact bitmap copy of what is being sent to the printer's canvas. If you can find the discrepancy, know that I have never seen this before, and it only happens with one of the two printers available!

What's going on here?!


It is cold and gray outside.


It is cold and gray outside.


Everyone released for the day. It is cold and gray outside.

2-Way MFS gets 0630 call tomorrow morning for 0645 wheels up.

4-Way VFS gets first call at 0730 tomorrow.

CG Godfrog bits. Dave Grabowski from NJ reports:
While I don't know when the original wooden plank was added to the green table, I do know that the fold-out second plank (essentially doubling its weight and making it even more unmaneuverable) was added by Spanky in 1997.

Hopefully John Kallend will make sure that's in the Godfrog history, if it's not already. Keep those bits coming!

I'll have the team lists and competition draw for the three 4-Way FS events posted shortly after the competitor's briefing this evening.


USPA is starting the 4-Way (FS) competitor's briefing with a VERY nice homage to Mike Truffer, the architect and greatest champion of the US Team Trust Fund..


Apologies to the guest teams who got left out of the initial (team number order) results tables tonight. I know I sent some of you here looking for your team numbers, only to be ... not here. Silly operator forgot to move the "Guest Teams" selector from "Omitted" (stuck there from Prostejov) to "Inline" in the ... HTML generator. Tool. Thingie.

And now to start on tomorrow's 'Bits ...

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