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Welcome to Omnibits for Thursday, 11 September (Day 1)


On hold.


Hold extended until 9am ...


Hold extended until 10am ...


Lather, rinse, repeat ...

Note to competitors: word is from the CJ that score sheet hardcopies will not be posted this year. If you want to see the details regarding any busts, open the scoring summary link under the "TOT" column in the appropriate results page of this web site. If you still have questions or want a traditional score sheet (hardcopy), see Randy.

Team photos from some VFS teams have been uploaded. You can find these by clicking on the team number. Please note that the taking of team photos (by Ori Kuper, who is on the web in more places than I am) is an ongoing process, if you get a b0rken link please do not email me about it.

After sitting in my To Do list for a couple of years, and thanks to the current weather hold, OSHD now creates team slates. Team videographers, look for these to be distributed soon!



To the VFS videographer who asked whether the "Play Last Copied Video" button on VTADS applies to the original (GoPro) MP4 file or to its transcoded MKV version, the answer is the latter.


No downtime wasted -- OSHD is getting the MFS 2-Way dive pool images added.

BRRRRRRRRRR it is c-c-c-c-c-cold outside!


After watching low cloud cover drift by all day, Meet Director Bill Wenger has called the day. First call 0645 tomorrow, MFS and VFS.

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