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Welcome to Omnibits for Wednesday, 10 September (Day 0)


Another USPA Nationals is upon us!!!

Team OSHD arrived on site at 10am this morning after 3 long days on the road in Roy's RV, aka the Palace.

We were lucky to make it here at all. I was in Colorado visiting my new home for the first time over the weekend, and the travel plan was for me to return to Phoenix early Sunday morning, load all the omnigear into my little Honda (I'll maintain an apartment in Goodyear until my job transfers to CO early next year), drive to Chandler to pick up T2, then drive to Casa Grande, transfer self and alll the gear into the Palace while T2 takes the car to Chandler, and be on the road to SDC by early afternoon. Easy peasy, right?

Alas Murphy had other plans. When I landed in Phoenix, my freshly serviced car was bricked. Not a meep, not a peep.

Long story short, we did not make it out of Arizona on Sunday, and when we finally left at 4am Monday morning, we had to change our route from Route 87 NE from Phoenix to I-10 east through Tucson because of the record monsoon storms that hit the city.

Had we left Casa Grande just a half hour earlier or later than that, we would have been trapped by the monsoon. Whew!

Two and a third days later we pulled into Skydive Chicago and began setup immediately. SDC was well prepared for us so we had everything -- 3 scoring systems, 4 copy stations, 3 JukeBoxes -- all set up and ready to rock by late afternoon.

Randy Connell, FS Chief Judge, splains how things are gonna be.
briefees getting briefed
VFS competitors take in the briefing.
Roy photobombing FS judge Allen Heitz photobombing my photo of the FS setup.
One of 3 judging systems ready to go. SDC did a nice job having all panel stations ready to go, with nice HD TVs.
Mr Hayhurst speaks
USPA Competition Director James Hayhurst speaks at the VFS competitor's briefing.
no clue
Don't ask. I have no clue.

After the competitor's briefing, Roy and I were guided to our RV spot, and Murphy decided to visit again.

The Palace ... stuck!

In this big grass field, we managed to find the softest spot for the rear wheels. Thanks to the generous and tireless efforts of a Good Samaritan named Collin and his F150, we got unstuck after an hour of huffing and puffing.

Anyhoo ... the 2014 USPA Nats open with 3 days of VFS starting at 0700 tomorrow morning. See you here!!!


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