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Welcome to the OmniSkore!HD coverage of the 2013 USPA Collegiate National Championships!

Use the links at the left to enjoy up-to-date results of the 2013 USPA Collegiate National Championships, including scores, competition draw, videos, and standings.

Please note: these competition scores are not created on site by OmniSkore!HD, but we are providing online coverage with scores provided by on-site staff. Because the online scores are created without original judging data, the scoring summaries links (under the "TOT" columns) point to non-existant files, so kindly ignore those links please.

OmniBits coverage begins December 31st with reporting provided by Kris Hayhurst.

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USPA, Florida Skydiving Center, and Team OSHD

UPDATE (2014/01/02): All events have been declared final as of 6pm EST.

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