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Welcome to Omnibits for Saturday, 17 August (Day 5)


[T2] Gutten morgen everyone, it's a quiet, beautiful morning in Banja Luka. There was a nice private BBQ for the judges at the DZ last night. I went to town with two-thirds of the jury and we found a nice pizzaria right across from the hotel after walking all around old town for half an hour. Banja Luka is a happenin' place on Friday nights. Lots of locals out and about. 

2013 World Cup, final day of competition.

VFS 4-way is on call....


[T2] VFS 4-way is jumping round 8....

....and 8-way is completed, and FRA Aerodyne Maubeuge finished wrapping up their gold medal with a 21.3 average, 40 points ahead of  RUS Barkli. The French federation should be quite proud of their showing at these competitions. Two events yet to be completed: VFS 4-way and FS Female 4-way. All eyes will be on the latter as two great teams are tied with two jumps to go.  


[T2]  Mouse very sick. Fed mouse new battery. Mouse much happier now. The 4-way FS Female round 9 is half done. Stay tuned. The Eastern seaboard of North America should be waking up shortly...

....and 20 minutes later, the high drama in 4-way FS Female continues. Both teams put up a great 25 on the board, and both teams were busted down to a 24. Still a tie game with one round left. Do I smell a jump-off? I hope not. So it's FRA Aerodyne French and USA GKF 4 tied a 183 going into the final round. Wow.

DZTV Viewers at the packing area
Competitors anticipating round 10 of 4-way FS Female.


[T2] Judging for round 10 of 4-way FS Female is beginning. I will be grabbing the camera to watch from where the picture above was taken. Good luck ladies! 

45 minutes later, both teams perform a flawless 20 right on the freeze-frames, so the girls are going to have a jump-off. And if it's a tie, the gold medal will go to France because they have the high-round score of 27. The drama continues. I have video I hope to post later.
DZTV crowd - round 10 of Female FS4
Where's Waldo?


[T2] 4-way Open is all done, getting the results posted. BEL Hayabusa finished with a 27 average on what I would not call a fast draw.


[T2] France and USA both score a clean 17, so FRA Aerodyne French wins the gold medal based on their highest score of the meet. Congratulations to them as well as the French delegation for a dominating performance at these championships. Well done, France!

There is an open FS meeting for all competitors at Hotel Bosna tomorrow at 15:00. Closing ceremonies and the banquet are tomorrow night at 18:00. I would try to post pictures but we'll probably be all packed up by then. Thanks for visiting and see you all next time!

Ted & Tim Wagner - OmniSkore!HD   

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