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Welcome to Omnibits for Friday, 16 August (Day 4)


TGIF! 8-way just got a 15-minute call. Let's pull up a few photos...

Kurt Gaebel - NSL
The omnispresent Kurt Gaebel, perhaps competition skydiving's most diligent journalist of all time.
Turbo Lets
The primary airlift for the competition, two Turbo Lets that carry 15 jumpers each.
Schedule for 16 August
Today's competition schedule. The weather looks great.
FAI  Media Liaison Officer Susan
FAI Media Liaison Officer Susan Dixon (R) and assistant extraordinaire Fay Kimble (L).

[T2] The above bottom right photo, Sue and Fay have been doing an awesome job with their reporting at the FAI web site. Go check it out.

It is amazing how social media has overtaken email so much. 15 years ago I would be going through dozens of emails every morning. For this competition, we have got precisely one, and it was a question about why the videos aren't posted yet. The fine print is at the bottom of the scoring results pages in red....


[T2] France Aerodyne Maubeuge 8-way just posted and amazing score of 18 on round 6, a very difficult draw to go fast on. The judges watched it one time and posted the score with no penalties. Sweet. I tip my hat to that performance. This team is going to be tough to beat at the World Meet next year.


If your team photo isn't posted at this point, please email it to is finished through round 7 and will go to round 9 today, 4-way will finish through round 8 and have the final rounds tomorrow, and VFS will finish up today...France Aerodyne Maubeuge has a whopping 36-point lead with three jumps left.... this is a first: VFS is on a weather hold because....hold on to your chair....THE SUN IS TOO BRIGHT! So they are going to wait a while as it moves to the side a bit...

VFS is on a weather hold...
I risked my camera for this shot...made it a fast one!


[T2] VFS is done through round 6 and 4-way FS Female has started round 6...the AE events continue to jump...that France 1 Freestyle man is one heck of an aerial artist, putting up consistent 9s on all the non-compulsory jumps, very good stuff, be sure to watch those jumps after we get them rendered in a few days...and of course his camera flyer dererves much credit for his teamwork/camera work....

....30 minutes later I'm watching the USA Golden Knights and Aerodyne French ladies round six...the Knights have a good exit (the Canadian Tee out the door has been really difficult for a lot of the camera flyers to catch) and have a good, clean jump and put a 18 on the board, no dings...then the French, their exit is a little rough, but they recover enough to post a clean 17 to make it a one-point French lead for four jumps to go...this is the one race going down to the wire, although Russia has a long shot in Freefly....4-way round 7 is now in progress....


[T2...again] 4-way round 7 is done and Belgium Hayabusa has yet to lose a round, what a clinic they are putting on. The teams in 2nd and 3rd place are no slouches. Hayabusa looks like they go through one page, maybe two, then they kick in the afterburners until the clock stops. A 17-point lead with 3 jumps left. Wowza. On to round 8...


[T1] Wow, did you see that!!! Oh, sorry, you didn't, but I picked a perfect time to escape to the public display long enough to see US / Golden Knights 4-Way female and France Aerodyne French Girls do round 7. The Golden Knights did a terrific 21 on a slow draw and Aerodyne had a 18 busted down to 17. A four-point pickup for the Army girls four a 3-point lead going into Round 8....


[T2] Redacked last post - 4-way female round 8 is about to be judged.... French girls turned a clean, fast 23, and the USA girls followed with a 22, but they had a collapse in the middle of the jump and got a double-bust for a score of 20. So the two teams are tied at 159 with two jumps left. It is great to have some drama on the final day tomorrow! May the best team win!

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