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Welcome to Omnibits for Thursday, 15 August (Day 3)


[T2] Feeling much better today. Wanted to sleep until noon but 8-way FS beckons first call for round 3.


[T1] On the schedule this morning are 8-Way and VFS on the first loads, with Freestyle soon after. The first VFS jumps just copied their videos so look for scores soon.

Our Internet connectivity has been very sparse since midday yesterday, so if you see long breaks in scores or coverage, please understand it beyond our control. The organizer is working hard with the provider to get this resolved.

VFS completed Round 1 a few minutes ago with UAE SD Nexus looking ... well, unbeatable!

[T2] Okay, I'm not going to spend any time chasing down teams for their photo. I hope in the future every host will have a spot near the boarding area set up just for team photos. But since it's not in any rules or bulletins, it is never set up. If any team would like its photo taken please come to the video copy station and I'll take the photo.

FreeflyFlag Girls

[T2] Sigh...back in the old days we had a DZTV TV in the OmniSkore! room and I could watch all the action. Now I have to go outside and hope to see a nice jump. Have to time it right....

Information TentDZTV in packing area


We are cooking along with 8-way, 4-way VFS, and the AE events. Except for the occasional loss of internot connectivy things are going smoothly. The weather is much cooler now than two days ago; feels like the mid-70s (F) outside. Ooh, chocolate candy from the VFS 4-way UAE SD Nexus is putting on quite a show...


[T1] Freefly is released for the day and Freestyle will try to finish through Round 6 today. Steinar, the Aristic Events chief judge, hopes to complete the Artistic events tomorrow.

8-Way and VFS are also finished for the day. My guess is that all events will attempt to complete through Round 6 today and Round 8 tomorrow, leaving the semi-final and final rounds for the FS events on Saturday. But that's just speculation at this point.


[T1] T2 will have more to say about this later but the delegation from France is having a great competition. 4-Way France Maubeuge's videographer performance is one of the best I've ever seen, and with the jumpsuit colors and white gloves, they are a model for how to present to the judges.

4-Way Female (I think) and Freestyle Round 4 are in progress.


[T2] Round 4 of 4-way is in the can - or on the hard drives, as is these days - and in the female event, both USA and France did a 18, but the Knights were busted on 17, so France takes a one-point lead going into the last jump of the day (they will finish the day of competition with round 5 of 4-way). At this point, French teams are in first place in 4 out of the 6 events, second in another, and third in another. And they hold all three top spots in Freestyle. The France Maubeuge team has some of the finest video work I've ever seen, and their choice of suit colors combined with their video makes for very happy judging. And the French 8-way is much the same. More after round five...  


[T2] It is very unusual to see, after only five rounds to boot, a 21-point spread between 1st and 3rd place in 4-way FS. Such is what Belgium Hayabusa is doing to the competition. At this rate they could sit out the final round and drink some suds instead. Round 5 of 4-way FS Female is half done...

....okay, an hour later, 4-way FS is done through 5 rounds. France female picked up another point after both teams had very good jumps, each with one penalty. So the French ladies will go to bed with a two-point lead. Quite a battle these two teams have going!

Tomorrow morning is 8-way and VFS, first call 07:45. See you tomorrow!

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