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Welcome to Omnibits for Wednesday, 14 August (Day 2)


[T2] Dobro jutro! Guten Morgen! Bonjour! Boker tov! Sabah-il-kheir! Buon giorno! Dobraye ootra! Buenos dias! Er, Good morning! It rained here last night but the weather forcast is good for the rest of the week. First call is 07:45 for 4-way FS. I'm prepping the camera for the team photos and hopping out to check out the photo tent. Last night at the hotel there were teams actually creeping the dives in the hallways of the hotel.

Elevater Instructions - Shytting off the gas supply.

Check out the elevater instructions on how to turn off the gass supply. Couldn't help to share that nugget of translation. 

T1, you got it now...


[T1] Team numbers are updated for 4-Way. Airplanes are taking off. First scores within the hour!

Pardon me if I lack my muse this morning. I was here until after 1am last night with the crew working the DZTV setup. We (mostly they) tried and tried and tried to get the HDMI-to-RF modulator to stop compressing the video vertically, to no avail. It's not a terrible picture, but it clearly doesn't look optimal.

On the results pages, please be patient trying the mp4 links under the team scores. It takes a day or two to get the files transcoded and uploaded, and the FAI has priority on that process, we have to stand in line behind them when it comes to video dissemination.


First scores have gone up. Cloud base is just high enough for 4-Way. Some teams had their gear get wet in the storage hangar during last night's rain, and France 4-Way Female is not jumping because their gear got a little too much water. More on that as I learn.

DZTV outside judging building
FS judging feed on the left, Artistic on the right.

I'm prevented from getting out in the trenches where a reporter should be reporting from because I'm tethered to the judging area until all the camera flyers have had a chance to use the copy station at least once. But I will attempt a temporary escape or two!

I bleeping HATE Windows Update. I came back from a relief mission to a rebooting computer. Not good.

France wet kit
The France 4-Way Female gear was not just wet ... it was drenched, sogged, under water.


[T2] Just spent the last few hours taking team photos, didn't get all of them because some teams just went straight to the boarding area. Heading back out to get some eye candy....


[T1] FS is progressing smoothly but AE has been paused while France's teams get their wet gear situation resolved.

Competispectators will be pleased to know that with the Trude (IPC FS Subcommittee Chair)'s blessing, I have removed the infernal "Judges Confirming" blue screen from OmniSkore!HD. Never liked it, always hated it. (It got put in at OSHD's FAI evaluation last May at the instistance of the evaluators, and it squelches a large percentage of the DZTV time.) Fortunately enough competitors here complained during the first round this morning, and Trude was one of those seeing how much frustration that screen was causing. Happily gone now, and as it should be, the judges have to be truly diligent about their procedures. Hooray for the FS judges for going along with this. (The Artistic judges feel otherwise, but, that's another story!)

Main buildingold school skydiving "helmuts"


After two completed rounds of 4-way FS, Belgium continues to show their prowess, and in the female, it looks like France and USA are going to have a real battle for the gold....lunch time...


[T1] We are back online after most of the afternoon without the Internet. FreeFlying and 4-Way are complete through Round 3,  4-Way Female and 8-Way through round 2, Freestyle almost done with Round 2 now,  VFS almost done with Round 1 ... and T2 down around 2pm. He and a lot of other folks here have been hit with a bug, common speculation is a food bug but that would just be speculation. Hope everyone recovers as quickly. ([T2] Update - this bug stinks big-time, but the symptoms resemble nothing more than an allergy attack on steroids times 10).

[T1 back] I have received several emails inquiring about the mp4 / video links on our results pages and when will the videos be available. Please understand that we do not create and upload those until (1) time and computer resources permit, and (2) the FAI have uploaded theirs first. The FAI owns the videos and I am lucky to have their permission to use them, but only after they're taken care of first. So I beg your patience.


The opening ceremonies are in progress. Very well done.


Opening ceremonies - judges

[T2] Ya'll have a nice evening/morning, wherever you are. And please do remember, the video links on the results pages won't work for a day or two, and after losing half a day to illness I have some catching up to do on team photos.

[T2ps] There are dozens and dozens (plus two times ten!) drinking suds and watching the OS!HD jukebox outside. The competitors are too busy competing to see the jumps during the day, but when the sun sets and the beer lamp is on, it's a real viewing show out there. A jolly good show indeed.

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