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Welcome to Omnibits for Tuesday, 13 August (Day 1)

test image

Testing...tap tap tap testing....

Two Nights Earlier

T1 and AE team at work
T1 verifying the Artistic Events rules change implementation at a street side bar near the hotel. Note the judging consoles in hands ...


[T2] Teams are practicing under clear skies while team OS!HD finishes the setup - the video transfer and distribution station ("VTADS") and various loose ends.  

VTADS video transfer station setting upLost in translation - OMNISCORE is close enough! This is the VTADS station getting set up right outside our room. You can see T1's head in the window.

If you were to peer through the window, you'd see Team OS!HD on the left wall table and the FAI team on the right wall table.


[T2] I don't know how many teams are registered yet, I've asked a few people and it's pretty much "We'll know when the competition starts."

The organizer(s) has done a tremendous job preparing for the competition. The facilities are excellent, the lodging first-rate, covered creeping area, a tent for the teams waiting to board the aircraft, excellent manifester, it's all well done.

Last night's dinner party.


[T2] Just finished a walkaround of the DZ. Lots of teams doing practice rounds. Spent a few minutes chatting with the U.S. Army Golden Knights female 4-way team. They were slowed down by lost luggage but are jumping now. I asked about the 8-way team, they said they weren't coming because of recent slot changes and they want to concentrate on the USPA Nationals. 

Hey, it's almost lunch time...


Not much to report other than training jumps are going on and it's pretty dang hot out there (by local standards). Everything is set up and working except for DZTV which should be up shortly.

The judges have been training on the new scoring consoles and they seem to pretty happy with them.  I'll post a photo of one of them later. They are quite cool. T1 is truly an evil genious.


[T2] The competition briefing and draw is tonight at 19:00. I think it's going to be a long night. Tomorrow I will be taking team photos so if there are any OmniBits T1 will be here.

Stay tuned for final notes later today....

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