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Welcome to Omnibits for Sunday, 4 August (Day 2)


I arrived to cool zephyrs, mostly clear skies, and smiling faces in the cafe at 7am this morning. It looks like the Cup will wrap up pretty once it resumes in an hour.

This being my first visit to Hib, I did some walking about with my digital imagery acquisition device ...

RAF Hibalstow Memorial
What's this, by the parking lot?

RAF Memorial Plaque
Information display of the RAF Hibaldstow memorial. I had my fingers crossed this would be readable on the web but it looks like I didn't quite make it.

RAF Hibaldstow memorial
OTU stands for "Operational Training Unit", iirc from the info display.

Former control tower
The decayed shell of the original control tower was converted to a home in the 1970s. This is what it looks like now.

Skydive Hib banners
Skydive Hibaldstow has been host to more UK competitions in the last 20 years than the rest of the country combined. Here are just a few of the event banners.


Not yet finding my muse while waiting for Round 6 jumps to land, so here are more eye candy.
I found your father, Wall-E
Wall-E, I think I found your father.

Waiting to load ...Waiting to board ...
The bored waiting to board...

Dornier readies to taxi1
One of Target Skysports' Dornier Do28 jump ships. Note the tail "number"!

A few Round 6 jumps have come in over the transom, but judges have yet to start work on them.

My primary activity this morning, besides waiting for Round 6 activities, has been to transcode videos for upload to this web site. If you visit an event's results and click on a score, you should get the mp4 file for that jump. After today, please let us know if you find a b0rken link :)


Kate and Frank are at work at Round 6. In more shocking news, Lindsey Lohan's new movie is being ravaged by critics...

... and AAA is complete with Satori Chix running the table with 100 points in 6 rounds for a 16.7 average.


The 2013 Hibaldstow 4-Way Cup is complete!


4-Way Rookie:

Team Meteor, Rookies 3d Place
Team Meteor, Rookie 3d Place

Rookie Bronze1
Justice for Hoops, Rookie Silver

Rookie Gold
Fly Wild, Rookie Gold

4-Way A:

A Bronze
Kession, A Bronze

A Silver
Entropy, A Silver

A Gold
Tr4ck, A Gold

4-Way AA:

AA Bronze
Satori Azure, AA Bronze

AA Silver1
Mental Blox, AA Silver

AA Gold
4Nations, AA Gold

4-Way AAA

AAA 4th
DWS, AAA 4th Place (Nickel?)

AAA Bronze
Eclipse, 4-Way Bronze

AAA Silver
Raykipo, AAA Silver

AAA Gold
Satori Chix, AAA Gold


My humble and profuse thanks to Stu Ferglstein, Skydive Hibaldstow, and Kate Charters for inviting me to Hibaldstow for the Hib 4-Way Cup. Best wishes to you for a smashing UK Nationals in three weeks, where OmniSkore!HD will be back again!

(Programming note: I will not be here for the UK Nationals, so do not expect to see OmniBits coverage, at least not anything from on site. Detailed results, especially mp4 files, will not be available until after the equipment is returned to me after the competition. -tw)

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