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Welcome to Omnibits for Saturday, 3 August (Day 1)


Round 1 has started! Judges Kate and Frank are getting to work, so look for scores soon.


Round 2 is complete in all events. My apologies for not having photos and (meaningful) coverage but I have been spending most of the day coming up with the technology to capture video playback on part of a desktop to a WMV file with acceptable quality. The latter two words are the hard part! But it figured out, and soon some better videos will be available to play in the bar.

Photo of teams getting ready
Spectators enjoying the action

The Bar
The "DZ TV" is a half dozen monitors of various sizes distributed around the bar, driven by a single media player.

Kate and Frank Rate and Spank
Judges Kate Charters and Frank Mallabone operating OSHD. They seem to tolerate it pretty well.

In the middle of the afternoon I wondered about taking a bunch of great pictures. After a while I looked at the fine print in the camera's display and it said "No memory card". Below are the lame substitutes I just tried to replace them with ...
Hib Camp
Skydive Hib's campground is quite popular!

If you have to ride a bus ...
If you're going to get shuttled around a DZ in a bus, make it a Mercedes!

Posting new scores
New scores, analog style.

Where dinner is tonight ...
Where I'm having dinner tonight!

The view from above ...
I need a little more altitude before I'm ready to use one of those. But I've known some people who wouldn't ...


After a brief wind hold early this afternoon, judging has resumed in Round 4. Lots of white puffies about but no problems finding the holes among them.

When sun meets clouds


The day has been called with Round 6 roughly halfway done. Missed completing the meet by one or two short weatherholds! Still I thought the meet director did a terrific job working around the wx. No easy job, that.

We resume at 9am tomorrow ...

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