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Wednesday, October 31

Happy All Hallows Eve everybody! It's 6:45 in the morning and another glorious sunny day at the 2012 USPA Nationals here in Eloy, AZ. Round 4 of 8-way is boarding up and I'm on a 15-minute call for breakfast. - T2

What a nice email from a reader:

Wow! What a great web site!  I just discovered that if you click on a score on a results page that it will open a video file of the jump.  You might want to include a note on the web page stating's not obvious.  What a great feature!!

Well, we don't include a note because it usually takes us a while to make the links actually working, so we let visitors figure it out ;-) -T2

Livestream update - the server is down, most likely because of Hurricane Sandy. Only time will tell.

A note from T1:

Please note that the MP4 video files are completed for all of 4-Way and we’re working on 8-Way today.

Also note that we can only do this for teams that flew with AVCHD cameras. The GoPro videos were trans-coded to WMV before being copied into OSHD so that they could be played in slow motion. Unfortunately these WMV files are poorly encoded and the software that creates the MP4 files does not work with them.  We’re working on a solution but it may be a while.

Round 4 of 8-way is in the can, and the Golden Knights - Team USA - are running away from the pack. The rest of the 8-way jumps are pretty good - there are some excellent teams in Intermediate. Good stuff. - T2

Half way through round 5 of 8-way...the Knights are about to lap the field, and the field is pretty good, too...CF 4-way Sequential team photos are posted...-T2

12 Noon
Round 6 is complete and I'm staying very busy in the judges' fishbowl. This new scoring system is a joy to work with ;-) T2

Livestream update - click here and pray....

4:00 p.m.
Round 10 is half done. CF 4-way Sequential is done through 6 rounds and Storm Riders have a six point lead over the next best team, also known as The Next Best Team.

5:00 p.m. 8-way is done and I'm working on getting the livestream going with the jukebox as soon as the judges are done for the day. -T2

6:30 p.m.
The FS awards ceremony is under way, meanwhile I cannot get the livestream web site to cooperate with me. Will have to work on that first thing tomorrow. Good night and happy Halloween! - T2

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