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Tuesday October 30

7:00 a.m.

Round 7 is loading up and the DZ is stoked. The weather is beautiful. Going to work now on seeing if I can get this livestream going again. Our thoughts and prayers to all those up in the NE who have been hit by Sandy. - T2

10:00 a.m.
All done with round 9 judging.

10:20 a.m.

Mary Here...

Just got a great interview with Angela Nichols, Team Captain, Army Golden Knights.  They just completed Round 10 and the whole team returned to the hangar with smiles on their faces.  Said Angela, "We are feeling really good about that dive, we did our personal best."

As for the possibility of a Jump Off, The Knights prepped the dive and Angela said the team's mental strategy going into the possible jump off is to keep their calm communication and trust in their training.

Distractions at a minimum this year, Angela and her team have done about 750 training jumps.  Navigating the smallest of obstacles between illnesses and minor injuries, the team has managed to meet their goals for the season.  Moving forward to Dubai, Angela believes the team has gained valuable experience during this Nationals, which will translate well into the next competition.

Angela says they have absolutely no regrets this season.  The team has trained and planned very hard this year and all of that work has paid off during this meet.  Coming to Skydive Arizona, they relied on focus and communication between team members and keeping distractions and emotions completely in check.

For any anyone out there who is thinking about coming to Nationals with a trained team or a pick-up team, Angela says that you just can't beat the camaraderie and excitement that comes with a Nationals competition.  And above all, Angela said it is so much fun!

The Knights also plan on doing 10-way and 16-way this week, so watch for them, because they plan on putting up some great scores!

Angela made her first jump in 1994 at Skydive Dallas with her Dad along in the plane.  An accomplished jumper himself, Angie said when he jumped out of the plane and she was left inside with her Tandem Master, all she could think was, "Dad already went, now I HAVE to go."  Once again, no regrets Angela has now made over 10,000 skydives.

Shout out from Angie..."Hi Mom and Dad" (Charlie and Cindi)

With a 20 average as their goal going into the Dubai Championship, The Golden Knights are on their way!!

Thanks for the interview Angela!  Go Golden Knights! Mary

11:30 a.m.

I was able to spend a few minutes with Guest Team Asaar Ladies.  Team Captain, Radwa El Ghamry, and the entire team were kind enough to share their experience here at their First competition ever.  I think they owe some beer!  Asaar Ladies is a team from Dubai.  City Girls by nature, the rural desert drop zone is an adjustment for them.  But they have been immersed in the Nationals experience and have supported and encouraged each other.

With about 200 training jumps this season, the team is using their scores this meet to set their baseline for future goals. 

The team is well aware that they are Pioneers in the sport of competition skydiving. They are the first female team from their Nation to compete, unusual in the Arab Culture. Since there is a very small percentage of female skydivers back home, they definitely feel the pressure of representing their country and their families.  Although supportive, their families were not immediately in favor of their skydiving plans.  According to the team members, their Moms were "scared but supportive." and their Dads were "scared and not supportive" at first, but have slowly become more accepting.

A big shout out from the team to Dad, Attia El Bayoumi who can be very proud of  his daughter and her team!

Radwa also makes a personal sacrifice at this competition by missing her husband, Amr Adel and little 3 year-old son, Zidan who are back home.  They are at least able to Skype, but she misses her family dearly.

Radwa and her team mates have had a real eye-opening experience coming to a very busy drop zone during a major competition.  There have been many distractions that they have managed together as a team. 

Between a much tighter landing area, trees, multiple aircraft loads, dust devils, hot air balloons and lots of canopy traffic, Asaar Ladies have gone from beginners to experienced competitors very quickly.

One of the best learning experiences they have had is understanding exactly how the judges are watching the dives.  "You have to be so precise and show them every point, every flash, every separation." said Radwa.  Constantly watching their scores as they are judged, the team has learned in real time what they will need to prepare for their next meet.

They are impressed with the all of the encouraging words of support and positive attention they have received during the meet.  The high spirits and company of other top competitors have made a big difference!

When I asked them if they will be competing next year, they all said "of course!", and Radwa says their goals are very high and they want to win.

Thanks Team Asaar Ladies for your time and have a great visit here and a safe trip home! Mary

12:30 p.m.
There is a jump-off in 4-way Advanced, and 8-way is supposed to start shortly after. Thank you Mary for the great interviews.  - T2

1:00 p.m.
Air Force won the jump-off against Air Force! Great job by the "B" team stepping up there and showing great improvement.

1:05 p.m

8-way Teams are geared up and headed out to the airplanes.  Amazing lineups, with lots of new and familiar faces.  Whether they are multiple time world champions or newcomers to Nationals, the teams all have their Game faces on and there were will be more interviews to follow. Mary

Got a chance to talk to Scotty Gallan, Coach of the 4-way Rotation Team, "Too Wrapped".  The team is just weeks away from the competition in Dubai but are staying focused here and now at Nationals.  On their way to the aircraft, they are planning on breaking some more records, so check back this week for Canopy event scores here too! Mary

2:10 p.m.

Guest Team Barkli from Russia is not kidding around.  They came to play.  Posting a 21 in the first round and all of them with the eye of the Tiger, they are a force to be reckoned with!   Thanks Sergei and Leonid for the presents from Elena!! Mary

.4:30 p.m.
8-way round three is in the air. Airspeed had a bad jump on  round 2; one of their guys had something go really strange and was lost in space for a while. I'll see if I can find out more. Meanwhile the Golden Knights are looking awesome.

There are some broken links on this site that I'm working on. If you find a broken link please email me the URL. -T2

The 8- and 4-way draw has been posted on the main page (pdf files).

5:45 p.m.
All done for the day, another awesome day of competition at the most awesome DZ in the galaxy. Good night and see you tomorrow!

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