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Monday, October 29
The webmastroid will be online bright and early...

7:15 a.m.
Round one of 4-way FS is boarding as I type and the DZ is swarming with activity. Off to get the livestream working...-T2

T1 is working on the VFS videos so stay tuned for an update on those.

Nothing like starting your day judging Airspeed round one and pushing the point button 31 times. They were penalized to a 30 though...great jump!

Great news - OS!HD is proud to have the lovely Mary Traub as a Omnibits writer for the rest of the week. Mary, take it! - T2

Hi Everybody The weather is beautiful!  Sunny and 72 degree!  Looking forward to a great day!

There is some really great skydiving going on right now.  Not a cloud in the sky!  More to follow...



Everyone is loving the OSHD Jukebox! Check scores, View Results and Watch Video!!  Cool!

Lunch break for the judges. Lots and lots of buttons getting pushed. Airspeed is putting on a show again, but SDC Rhythm XP is flexing some muscles....

5:45 p.m.
WOW what a day. Got to judge 6 rounds of 4-way with this amazing new scoring system. Problems with the livestream  apparently caused by Storm Sandy (the server is located in NY). I'm signing this page off for the day, we'll see you tomorrow! - T2

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