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27 October 7:50 a.m.
Tap-tap. Hello? Are we going live? Well okay then, let me get to work on this live streaming thing...T2

8:50 a.m.
S&A photos have been posted. The S&A scores are going to be refreshed within an hour or so, we have a glitch on our web so don't take them as official at this time.

Teams busy at the mockups.

OS!HD co-conspirators Larry Hill and T1.

Lil & Mike by the birds below.

They still haven't invented self-packing parachutes (except for that Star Trek movie).

These beautiful birds are in Lil's animal shelter recovering from injuries.

10:20 a.m.
Livestream update: Due to network issues I am currently unable to set up the livestream hardware. I hope to be streaming videos from the Jukebox later today. Keep checking back.

In VFS Open it looks like SDC Standard XP and AZ Arsenal are going down to the wire heading into the final round, with SDC holding on to a 3 oops no 4-point lead.

Wow - Female style just finished up, and Elisa Tennyson edged Cheryl Stearns by 0.55 seconds for the gold medal. Congratulations Elisa!

Hey, is that Matt Davidson peeking at the camera? It's a busy scene at registration...

12:15 p.m.
Congrats to SDC Standard XP for the gold in VFS Open! Arizona Arsenal and Arizona Drive round up the silver and bronze. In VFS Advanced, Cross Keys Cross Contro has what looks to be a lock on the gold....

7:30 p.m. Final update for the day. The livestream is up and running. I had the pleasure of seeing many old friends going back to 1985. Good luck to all teams!

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