30 April 2010

I arrived in Kolomna yesterday. Aerogard is a fantastic DZ. It is also very popular.

The landing area is HUGE and has nice grass covering it. It's very flat too.

On site facilities include a snack bar, restaurant, hotel, outdoor gym, camping, video debriefing rooms, free WiFi, large covered packing areas, clean bathrooms, plenty of creeper area, benches for the spectators or waiting for your load. PA announcements are done in Russian and English. The food in the restaurant is great.

The judges' room in a room off the resturant.

The weather is high overcast and a bit chiiy, well according to my Southern California body.

All the equipment is set up and working.

Here's a takeoff run of one of the Lets. Take off

Today's sights:

Dinner last night

Near Empty Camp grounds

DZ Dog

A two-way team creepering

Some people at the DZ

Some greenery that was on my lunch meal of chicken. It tasted very good. Can anyone identify it?

Camp grounds

Outdoor Gym

Hotel (top floor) and restaurant (bottom floor).

The original building when the DZ opened 5 years ago.

An empty packing area.

Signposts to various places.