03 May 2010

0600 : Blue skies this morning.

1100: First round of 10- way up and judged. There are 5 teams. Fastest is 17.21 and the slowest is 25.29. Nice grouping so far.

Barkly is in first place for 8-way. I predict they will win.

1200: Second round of 10-way scored. The group separates itself. the top three teams are still close.

1500: Round 4 in 10-way and 8-way posted. The top two teams in 10-way are only a second apart.

1600: Wowwee - Kolumna United took first by turning it a great smooth 5th round. They were trailing Tenex and passed the in the 5th round. Way to go Kolumna United. Air strike is in third.

Barkly is still leading 8-way.

1700: Wow two video flubs on round 6. Kolumna United's photographer started to fly under the formation as it being completed. He got a great shot of the last grip being made, but unfortunately not all the other grips were on screen. THe clock stopped When he went under and showed a completed formation.It added about 3 seconds to their time.

Tenex's photographer lost the formation until just before the formation built. The video did show the last grip being made, but just barely and from far away.

Kolumna United wins by 1.6 seconds. Tenex is second and Air Attack is third.

Barkly is still holding on to their lead.

8-way is called after 8 rounds because of Moscow traffic. Guess what, Barkly won.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster