02 May 2010

0600 : Blue skies this morning.

0800: 4-way continues. Ocean of Bees has taken a one point lead over Kactus Hunter.

1100: Ocean of Blues pulls out in front of Katcus Hunter.

1400: The team Crystal is doing 8-way and will be doing their jumps later.
So with the busts of Kaktus Hunter, they may have a good shot at 2nd place. Ocean of bees is buzzing along.

1530: The judges are going to be on Russian Extreme TV. They did an intreview with me too.

1600: Round 7 is posted and Kaktus Hunder gains a few points back.

2000: Finished 4-way. Kaktus Hunter came back to be with 1 point of Ocean of Bees that was buzzing around the sky very quickly. Crystal came in third.

Closing Ceremonies for 2-way and 4-way tonite at 9 pm.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster