01 May 2010 0600

Bright Blue Skies in Kolomna this morning.
2-way is up first. There are 9 teams.

01 May 2010 0730

Dimitry, the meet director, told me it took him 7 hours to get from Moscow. It is a new record for him. THere is a National holiday Monday that celebrates Russia's victory in World War II. THree day weekend and lot of people are leaving Moscow.

He speaks English very well and will be in contact with me via walkie talkie. Unlike most OmniSkore! events, I am also the event judge and actually run the OS system for the panel of judges.

Valdimir has said the start time has been pushed back to 9am because so many of the competitors are stuck in traffic.

01 May 2010 0954

First round is up in the air. Dimetry, the meet director, helped me get all teams pics. Cool. now to edit them.

01 May 2010 1320

Lunch time. Three rounds judged. since I'm event judge it is hard to put more up here. Team photos will come.

01 May 2010 1520

Finished judging 2-way. Congratulations to Air Brakes, The Third from Above and Phoenix-A.

4-way is starting soon too.

01 May 2010 1520

First round of 4-way just taking off now.

01 May 2010 1600

Weather hold. It is raining. First round of 4-way. And we have a horserace. Tie for first Cactus Hunter and Ocean of Bees. Crystal is behind them by only one point.

01 May 2010 2000

The sky cleared and round 2 went up. It is still tied with 3rd place one point behind. Anything can happen.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster