The 'official' site for the 2007 World Meet is 2007 World Meet.

Sunday Aug 5:
Clouds are clearing and jumping has resumed. There were a few showers and sprinkles, but teams have gotten in some jumps. Tomorrow's forecast is for clear skies.

Saturday Aug 4:
Clouds and rain all day. No jumps in.

Friday Aug 3:
The competitors have been practicing here for a few days. There was a lot of rain and clouds today. The skies cleared and then clouded up a bit more, but not nearly as bad as it was. The weather is supposed to be good through the weekend. Tomorrow starts a little bit late. The buses leave the hotel at 10 am. I did not get here until 5pm (total time from leaving home to arriving at the hotel was 26 hours), so I have not been out to the airport yet. Skydiving turns out to be a very small world. Ralph Greer and his friend Don Wilson were sitting in the same row as me on the flight from ONT to ATL. Both Ralph and Don are retired skydivers. Ralph is well known for creating the video waiver at Perris. It is amazing that we were on the same flight, but to actually be sitting in the same row is really weird [play Twlight Zone music now…] Here is a picture of Ralph and Don. They were going to Atlanta for a West Point graduates reunion.

Aug 1:
Preparing for travel to Russia. See you in a few days.