8 Aug 07
15 minute call for 4-way jump-off.
It's another bright, blue sky day with a light breeze.

Here's the scoop on the weird looking standings page for 4-way. There are two competitions that have slightly different rules on who gets to advance and how many teams a country may have entered. This excel file has the two competition standings. Both competitions take only the top 10 teams into round 9 and only the top 6 teams into round 10. The World Cup allows up to 4 teams per country and the European Competition only allows one team per country and the country must be European.

8-way will finish today too. But the exciting jump to watch is the jump off.

Maubeuge posted a 21 and Hayabusa posted a 22.
Hayabusa wins.

There was a long lunch break. We had to be taken back to the hotel for lunch. Round 8 is being jumped now.

8-way posted. Buses leave in 30 minutes and I will not have internet access until I'm in Kolomna at Sunday.
BTW my email was bouncing back because of a full mailbox. Please resend the limitation has been removed.

Blue Skies.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster