8 Aug 07
Nice day today with a great breeze. Blue skies all around.
This morning 4-way is going up first. Keep an eye on the competition between the Belgians, French and Russians. There is only a 2 point spread among the teams.

The competition, that was supposed to start at 9 am, is on an air traffic control hold.
Here is a picture of the FS judges.

The teams were just given a 15 minute call.
The plan is to complete 4-way today.
4-way is in the air and the jump order has been changed to reverse standings order.
Here is a picture of Team 416 Denmark dirt diving.

Hayabusa and Maubeuge both did 2 very clean round 7, scoring 24.
Black Cats also did a 24.
Hayabusa holds it's one point lead over Maubeuge. Sky Panters has dropped to 4 points behind Maubeuge.

4-way is on a break until round 8 is judged. Then the field will be cut to the top 8 teams for the semi-final and final rounds.

Hayabusa and Maubeuge both did very clean round 8. They are still only one point apart. Russia Sky Panters is now 5 points behind the French. Rounds 9 and 10 for Hayabusa and Maubeuge will be very exciting. Round 9 is heading to the planes now.

Most AE events are almost done or have completed. Judges are working hard to finish them up.

411 rejump dirt dive

Wind Indicator.


Iceland creepering. These guys only have around 300 jumps.

Hayabusa and Maubeuge both posted 30s for round 9 - maintaining a one point separation. Hayabusa has beat or tied Maubeuge in every round except the first round. Sky Panters did 32 ponts and Black Cats did 31.
The women haved jumper round 10 and the judges will get to that in about two minutes.

Freefly judging shows that France, Great Britain take the medals. Great job.

Women's 4-way has FRANCE, RUSSIA and GERMANY taking the top honors.

Round 10 Open 4-way has landed and is being judged now. 8-way is jumping round 5.

Jump off! Maubeuge flailed a bit on exit and only got 20 points. Hayabusa got 20, but was busted to 19 for incomplete separation on point 17. There is enough daylight to send them up today, but they will be jumping tommorrow instead.
The hanger was packed. Not everyone can be seen in the picture.


Jan Meyer, Chief Engineer and Webmaster